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    Lotus girl need help please ^^

    Am I posting to much 0o I hope not because everyone here is really helpful >.< I'm sorry but it's just I'm getting so much good advice.

    This is a piece I've been working on for a while I'd really love some feed back on what I should do next I'm kind of stuck XD LOL

    ((I'm so sorry about the big file I forgot how big my canvas was Sorry))
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    More life studies. One of things I see most here, is the symbol of a feature (eye, for example) being used, rather than what the eye looks like.

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    Though the hand and the lotus are off to a good start, the face profile and hair look like they could benefit from a good reference. The face proportions are very strange, while the hair is too "scratchy". When drawing hair, try to focus on the big blocks of dark and light shapes, rather than individual strands. Squinting at your reference will help you break down these basic shapes.
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    Take reference for the hand. It looks like there's a finger missing, but I put my own hand into that pose and one finger could be hidden by another, but if that's the case, there's a curved, almost horizontal line between the thumb and the first finger.

    Try it yourself, and you'll see what I mean.

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    hi dear,
    try to pay attention to the proportions of the face, if you are drawing a large scale image, make sure that the object is fitting within the scale, I tried to make a slight correction of how the face should look like in terms of proportions, overall it's a good start, don't give up on it and keep on drawing
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    Id have to say to steer away from the 'anime' style first and really practice basic anatomy first, where the eyes are placed in proportion to the ears and nose etc.
    Keep it up

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