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Richard is an imaginative painter who is driven by an incredible explosion of self-expression through art. His works are often noted for their unique process, elegance, and technique. Richard has developed an innovative style that blends precise geometrical form with abstract expressionism. His use of violent color juxtaposition and placement makes his work an excellent choice for a wide range of connoisseurs. Richard is accomplished in using hybrid techniques ending with a modern theme. His paintings have been shown in galleries across the nation.
Richard Wayne Anderson will do commissions upon request and currently will have them finished, documented, and shipped within two weeks.
Richard Wayne Anderson Born 1976 in Pomona, California Richard started drawing his toys as soon as he was able to run with scissors. He would regularly be repremanded for drawing in and around his school work. After leaving the Art Academy of San Fransico to apprentice under Delos Van Earl in the deserts of Palm Springs California, Richard left a promising young career to join the army and served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. All the while developing a new style in tune with todays tempo of life. Richard is now centrally based out of Texas living there with his wife, son and daughter.
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