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    Soooo....whats the worst job you've had that wasnt art related

    Kinda curious...
    whats the worst occupation you,ve had other than being an artist.
    Graphic and disgusting is okay...
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    I think you need to rename the thread. It doesn't sound right.

    I'm pretty sure you mean: "What's the worst job you've had that wasn't art related?"

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    Internet Tech Support. I did it for 5 years. It was like going to work and getting yelled at for 8 hours a day.

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    Happy Dog and Cat Holiday Home.

    Temporary cribs for spoiled pets. Basically you turn up at 6am and get bitten/scratched by hostile and paranoid cats, then you get dragged through muddy puddles by freindly but giant Wolfhounds ( I was pretty sure that only happened in cartoons, I was mistaken., some of them are bigger than horses...) or bitten by typically psychotic pitbulls.

    You'll want your tetanus shots up to date..

    Many jobs suck but at least most of the customers in BurgerKing don't try to bite you.

    If you're not having a sufficiently bad time by this point, you can probably get covered in bleach while washing dog poop out of kennels with a broom and hosepipe.

    Good times..
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    I've never had a job other than one in art. muahahaha!

    Actually, no. Come to think of it, I don't know if this counts as a "Job," but for several years I've been a live actress in a weeklong annual recreated biblical town that the church down the road puts up every year around Christmastime. I've been, among other things, a fake fishmonger, fake fuitseller, and fake donkey handler (well, the donkeys were very real, were very mean, and I was put in charge of them....) It's kind of like working at a Ren Fest for a week....except maybe creepier


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    Shaw's supermarket: Summer between High school and College.

    Cashier, bagger, basket-getter-finder.

    I'm pretty easy going and have liked most/all of my jobs, but this one was soul-sucking. Human beings are never crueler or more depressed when they have to actually pay for the food they just shopped for. It was so bad I called in sick on my very last day. I just couldn't take it even one more day.
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    Working concession stands in the Gwinnett Arena was my worst.

    Angry, boozed up hockey fans can be hard to deal with.

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    Bestbuy because they literally made me walk up and down 2 15 foot long isles all day and didn't expect me to leave or wander out. It was the most boring, redundant, slave work i've ever done. I called it "doing laps".

    Frys, in the winter i'd come in around 12pm and be required to stay until around 12am up to 2:30am cleaning up after customers, restocking shelves, etc. Yes they were eventually sued for making people do this.
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    I was an "Archivist" for an experimental pathology laboratory for about a year after I graduated college. The ad in the paper just said "archivist" casual dress, 11 dollars an I called. When I went in for the interview they explained that the company stored all the left over specimens from animal experiments, for other companies who had paid for the research, basically all the big pharm. companies, agricultural chemical companies, cosmetics etc. From what was explained to me, as long as a company held a patent on a commerically available compound they had to retain all the original research "material" that proved the compound was safe for human interaction/consumption or various other things. So we would get sent all the mostly dissected remains of the animals that had been involved in the tests. We would transfer the "tissue" into new formaldehyde and heat seal it into special bags, then store all that in waterproof boxes in big climate controlled vaults. Sometimes the tissue was in bags of old form., sometimes it was banks of glass slides, sometimes it was organs suspended in little blocks of wax. I once had to separate out, and bag separately 100 pairs of rat testicles that had all been stored together in a big bottle. One of the first studies I worked on involved dogs, and we received a bunch of these opaque plastic jars as part of the study. When I opened the jar to drain the old form. out and get whatever was in it out I was greeted by a dogs head, with the skin removed except at the nose, and its eyes and brain had been removed. All of their ears were in a separate bag together. It turns out beagles are the dog of choice for clinical experimentation. I've always been an animal lover, but I've also always been fascinated by biology, so while there were aspects to the job that I really felt terrible about, I can't deny that it also wasn't extremely interesting. Probably the most disturbing stuff to work with was the monkey studies. Typically their remains came, chopped up and wrapped in gauze so you couldn't really see the pieces. One day I was trying to force a bags worth of tissue into a new bag, and one of the monkey arms popped up out of the bag and it was like a little persons arm with black fingernails. Even though the heads were wrapped in gauze you could still make out their features. One of the most interesting things I saw there was the glycerin pups. Basically they were fetal cats, dogs, rats, mice, and sometimes rabbits, who had been put through some sort of process that actually rendered nearly all of their soft tissue completely transparent, and dyed their bones and cartilage either bright blue of bright red. They would come in the bags or jars with 50 or 100 or more and were preserved in glyercin. They were extremely slimey and slippery, but when there was a bag full of them, you could kind of push and squish them around and see their little skeletons moving. They almost looked alive in a weird, transparent, dyed skeleton moving sort of way It was a pretty small company and so on the first day of work the guys that ran the company took me out to get Chinese food and I realized that the food at the buffet looked almost exactly like what I had just been transferring....this was no accident...everyone at that place had a pretty dark sense of humor, and fortunately I have a strong stomach, enjoy Chinese food, and have a rather dark stream as well so it didn't really bother me. Its funny what ended up getting to me the most wasn't being elbow deep in rabbit entrails, it was the kind of boys club, frat house vibe there was at work. The guys that ran the place were a bunch of Soprano wanna-be dudes that thought it was hilarious that I had been to school for painting a drawing and was now working for them.

    ....oh yeah and I worked at Hardee's for 2 summers in highschool
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    I worked in a hospital's office two years ago one summer. Although the people were so very nice, the job itself killed quite a few brain cells. I basically had to put numbers from documents into the computer. And they had to even out to 0 (credit, debet). Oh, and if it didn't check out, I was in for a treat! I had to go through aaalll the files and find maybe one tiny error, usually a typo or similar stupid error made by the secretaries who charged the patients. It was mindboggling how boring this was, I still don't understand how I made it through the whole summer--probably my iPod who saved me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerAdams View Post
    Internet Tech Support. I did it for 5 years. It was like going to work and getting yelled at for 8 hours a day.
    My condolances. After one year of this I was out <_<
    Ended up with some pretty funny stories though.
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    Only real job I've had that wasn't art related was as what I'd call a sledgehammer-mechanic, basically a metal worker. Using an angle-grinder for 8 hours a day for two months in 30 degrees celcius wearing full protective equipment and a jumpsuit. My hands were so tired when I came home in the afternoon that I could lift a glass over water off the table.

    For art related work, the fumes involved in screen-printing with solvent-based inks can get you really fucked up if you're not careful with ventilation and using a mask. You'll feel really drunk, but in a lazy, can't read or focus, kinda way...

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    I hate work

    I was a cashier at a super market in the inner city. Most of the people who came in where pretty gross. Either bum/Crack heads who had gotten enough change to buy a 40. Saw my fair share of Meth heads, threatened by a couple- Its like having friggen Smeagul demand the 5 bucks that you "shorted him". Lots of fat, decrepit, run down, old ladies who seemed to be raising their daughter's children with food stamps and whatever else they could scratch together, that was kinda tragic . Had this dude who was all rotten and yellow try to beg a bottle of wine out of me. He said he only a few months left to live because of Cirrhosis that damn near broke my heart. I had lost hope in humanity in the first month I was ready to die after 3 . I ended up just not going a few weeks later . Finished school a few years later and got a job at a ski resort—a heaven of fluffy powder.

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    I used to be a professional mover.

    Like -show up to a house, pack everything in a box and put it in a truck in the middle of summer for them- mover.

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    Er, didn't we have a thread just like this one a few weeks ago? ---->

    Anyway, my first work I did was when I was growing up...I worked in chicken farms. It involved wading through chicken shit, cleaning out chicken shit, and being literally knee-deep in chicken shit. There were dead chickens to pick up every day, and to dispose of them, I had to toss them into a big hole that was covered up by concrete blocks with a door. When I open that door, the smell literally knocks you down and if I didn't pass out from the smell, I could see a carpet of wriggling maggots. That, and working in 90-plus degree heat and having to wear a mask and getting covered up in dust....very nasty work.

    Also, during my first few years as a microbiologist, I had to set up bug traps to trap mosquitoes. Part of my job was driving across the state, going into the woods with a pack of dry ice as the bait of mosquitoes (mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide). I had a swarm of mosquitoes all over me...not itty bitty mosquitoes but gargantuan-sized ones biting me all over. I could even feel them biting through the shirt on my back. The next day I was covered in itchy red welts. Then I had to go back and collect the mosquitoes in the trap.

    During my career at microbiology laboratory, I have had to deal with many disgusting stuff like anaerobic jars (anaerobic bacteria smells like old sauerkraut), plastic tubs of feces that are sent to our lab, cans stuffed with moldy mosquitoes, and dissect brains of animals and birds. I literally had to sit in a fart suit for hours in a little room going through piles of dead and maggoty birds, cutting their skulls open to get samples of their brains.
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