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    C.O.W. #148 NEWBORN "Extraterrestrial Gestation Cycle" -- VOTING!!

    C.O.W. #148 NEWBORN!! -- VOTING!!



    Topic: NEWBORN (Extraterrestrial Gestation Cycle!!

    Deadline for the voting: Tuesday 21 July 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!
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    Artist: Baron Impossible

    Concept: Sea Minister

    Either I'm first or I'm posting in the wrong place Anyhow, here's mine. It's called a Sea Minister. It has poisonous pseudopodia that are held close to the body, reminiscent of prayer, but these can be extended faster than the eye can see and if they get hold of you, you'll be the one who's praying. Its gestation period is, oh I don't know, a few weeks. After all, you wouldn't want one of these in your womb longer than you had to.
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    Artist: pahavasa

    Concept: Pumpkin Baby

    The "newborn" in this species is just a shell for it's spores to spread wider with, it's not a baby as we see it. As soon as it is born, it will start to spread the spores to the air. When they get inhaled by a human female, they start their journey in blood vessels towards the womb, where the new baby eventually begins to grow. The unborn pumpkin baby resembles human fetus, and so these creatures are likely to pass ultra sound checks - their gestation cycle however is only 6 months, so there will be quite an unpleasant surprise for the mother-to-be when it decides it's time to get some fresh air.

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    Artist: Fast-Art

    Concept: sorkalius-the-absorber-god

    (will make a rough description because my english is not the best)
    All ten-thousend jears a creature will borne wich got the power to destroy or rebuild a whole universe. This creature need another ten-thousend jears to upload his complete power. then the creature implode and a new universe is borne ( very kitschy story but was fun to paint, first entry on a cow-challenge.. hope u guys like my concept )

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    Artist: Marsch

    Concept: Junian Champilion

    In planet Juno, if you're very unlucky, you can find these fascinating, vicious creatures. As with all of Juno's lifeforms it has a bizarre reprodution cicle: The male and female copulate, with the female dying soon after, being "absorved" by her own tail, but the "tail womb" survives, grow roots and transforms itself in a Photosynthetic mushroom like creature. The embryo inside it divides itself then, forming 5 to 6 twins, that grow through almost 5 earth months.
    After that, the "eggs" are pushed outside of the mushroom and hatch producing newborn champilions.
    During all this time the male champilion protects the "Mushroom womb", starving itself to death in the process.
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    Artist: Soulweaver

    Concept: Dominian Muse
    Life Cycle of the Dominian Muse
    1) Conception: The Muse first forms as a spark of inspiration in the synapses of the right side of the brain. This initial spark has extradimensional origins.

    2) Development: The Muse continues to grow. It has a spiritual effect on the brain that inspires artists, musicians, and writers to create. When a person creates a work of art, it ignites sparks of inspiration in others, and thus, more Muses are born. This is a mutually beneficial relationship with no negative side-effects. (Although there are some who argue that the Muse's presence is the reason that creative-minded individuals are more prone to mental illness).

    3) Birth: When the creative individual dies, their Muse sheds its human skin (figuratively speaking) and ascends to places unknown.
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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: Xeno-Kopro-Fagus

    Bug named XKF is still taken as urban legend in most parts of the world.
    This creatures are known for producing chemicals affecting central nerve system - in Greys, from where they originate, they induct and support telepathy. Unfortunately, when human is infected very much opposite is happening - brain functions are decreased, any trace of telepathy and empathy is wiped out, and levels of scepticism are greatly increased. Worm lives in intestines and reproduces just like flatworms - by loosing part by part its long, ever-growing tail. Different from flatworms - theres no support host for larvae, everything it takes is a scratch of itchy bottom, and firm handshake afterwards..

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    Artist: Psychotrope

    Concept: Viscus Doppelgänger

    The Viscus Doppelgänger is a creature that is considered to be a myth, or at least hoped to be. A parasitic being that can literally take on any gestational host with a large enough body mass, once born the Viscus Doppelgänger can carry upwards of a million offspring within its blood. Reproduction requires that the small, near microscopic teal eggs that float in an adult Viscus Doppelgänger's blood be extracted by a blood sucking organism. Once ingested, the egg is able to affect the central nervous system of its new host and forces it to deposit the egg into another, larger creature. Once within the body of its final home, the egg will slowly develop- sucking out nutrients as it sits cradled within the central organs of the host. Over time, it will grow, cell by cell replacing the internal soft tissues of the host around it and sharing in its blood supply. At this point the two become a single organism. Given enough time, the egg will develop to the point where the original host is just the bone and nerves of what it once was- the entire rest of its body consumed and used by the parasitic Viscus Doppelgänger. Once mature, the Viscus Doppelgänger will release the internal gasses of the host all at once, and combined with brute force, will “pop” the organism open, revealing a newly born Viscus Doppelgänger that resembles a skinless, boneless version of the original host. (Name means “flesh clone” in a mix of Latin and German)
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    Artist: Michael Morisse

    Concept: Heart Stealer

    The Heart Stealer lives up to it's name. After the female has mated she sneaks down to the beach and uses her sharp egg laying proboscis to insert the new embryo into the body cavity of a sleeping Melwork ( a large seal like creature ). The embryo attaches itself to the hart of the Melwork and starts to encapsulate it.
    The Melwork has a small and very powerful heart, and the Heart stealer needs this because it cannot generate this kind of body tissue on its own, and because it's movements are powered by hydraulic push, it needs a good pump.
    The Heart Stealer puts the Melwork into a semi coma so it lies docile on the beach and they both live of its fat reserves.
    As Heart Stealer grows around the heart it connects all its organs to it, taking it over.
    When it is ready to be born, (about 7 months) it uses its razor sharp tongue to slice an opening in the unfortunate Melwork and emerges, snapping the melwork’s remaining heart connections like an umbilical cord.
    Having completed the transplant and entered the world, it now eats it’s dead host and then sets of for the jungle, where it will spend its adult life, only coming back to the beach to breed.

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    Artist: Oscarlot

    Concept: Rock eater

    Thanks to this creature's powerful jaw, it can manipulate rocks as if they were made of strawberry mushrooms. Since the creature is based of stones, and constantly uses stones like an energy source, they need to refill themselves with new stones to survive. When the rock eater propagates; a new body has to be created out of stones. To do this they choose a stone wisely and chew it until it becomes gravel. Then the creature spits out all of the gravel. A protective saliva that stores an egg cell is left with the gravel on the ground.

    Embryo- At this stage the cells starts to divide and soon builds a skeleton out of the gravel with help from the saliva. Meanwhile, the most important organs are created.

    Fetus- After some months of wait all the pieces that is needed for the skeleton is done and the construction of the skin and the muscles can finally start.

    Newborn- Everything is finished and the new being is ready to go!

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    Artist: Gominoid

    Concept: the Nrgo Kra' Agul, former inhabitants of Planet-Colony Xelextron Omega

    The Nrgo Kra' Agul were the former inhabitants of planet Zer' Ragga in the Azzora System before the human race colonized it and converted it into the Planet-Colony Xelextron Omega.
    This civilized creatures were continuously aiming for perfection at the point of forcing their natural evolution process by using their advanced technology.
    The massive modifications received by their bodies caused their reproductive system to malfunction, so they were forced to extirpate it from their perfect organism and develope an artificial reproductive process to avoid extinction.
    Embryo: the embryo is created by the clonation of a few cells that are contained in a tube. This cells are fed up by the glowing liquid inside the tube and stimulated by the robotic tentacles with the aim of developing new tissues and limbs.
    Fetus: in the fetal stage his body is almost complete, a psionic mask is attached to the creature to help him to develop his mental powers. This mask is also used to transfer all the basic knowledge needed to the creature's brain so when he is born he will we able to serve to his community as worker, soldier or any other profession.
    Newborn: when the creature is ready to born the psionic mask is removed and the tube is opened. In air contact the creature's body suffers a violent metamorphosis that increases the size of his entire body several times, his skin hardens and also some dark spots appears in some areas.

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    Artist: Originalpink

    Concept: Snow Lion

    Due to cold conditions the children of these creatures needs to take as little resources from it's host as possible. Therefore the child is able to feed itself already during it's fetus stage. The child is stored in a sack in connection with the host's mouth, when the host has hunted down a prey the child is able to quickly come out of the mouth to snatch a piece for itself.

    Embryo: Unlike earthly animals the host doesn't need to be impregnated to start the development of a child. Due time the host's body will grow it's skeleton enough to divide itself into a new life. The only protection for this new child body is created with two surrounding fluids. Where the inner fluid around the child is maintained with help from surface tension. During this stage the host needs to find a safe zone since moving too much will damage the child. During the embryo stage a thin film is created due to chemical reaction between the two fluids. This film will later on be the skin and flesh of the child. Inner functions are already in development before the skin is completed.

    Fetus: When reached this stage the child can soon move itself. Thought, the body's arms and legs are yet to be formed.

    Newborn: The child is now almost directly able to take care of itself, but due to size it's still pretty vulnerable. It grows quickly and will most often leave it's host in just a couple of months.
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    Artist: FishyBoner

    Concept: Stringent Doppelganger
    An asexual creature that reproduces by way of its tail stinger, storing genetic information. When first injected, the skin will swell up like a common insect bite. After a weeks time, the swelling resides as the larvae burrows deeper through the epidermis.

    Feeding from the bloodstream of its host, it matures with four weeks. By this time, an unsightly boil reappears, accompanying pain, nausea and slight vertigo. Once the immature doppelganger explodes like a zit, it leaves the host to grow and repeat the process. Those who are fortunate aren't repeat hosts.

    Larger file can be found over Here.

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    Artist: Anthis

    Concept: name-of-your-creature

    Young offspring of this creature are bred in a specialized organ carried on the back. The embryos will grow inside their protective shelter, still connected to the mother.

    After about five months, the young reach a fetus stage. They are no longer connected to the mother and passively take up nutrients trough their skin. At this point, the mother drops the now heavy breeding bud on a safe and fertile place. It will then produce roots and live on independently of the mother. Further development of the young inside can take up to 10 more months, depending on environmental conditions.

    Only one, strongest adult will emerge. And by the time the newborn adults hatch, they are nearly the size of its mother. Due to this type of gestation, the young creatures are less vulnerable. Also, it allows the species to produce offspring more often.
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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Burturny
    The incestual celestial being. Found on a rocky planet tentatively known as XY-9 in the Andromeda galaxy, this creature is living proof that even in the far reaches of the cosmos, Mother Nature has an experimental sense of humor.
    Beginning its life as two independent organisms sharing the same egg, the Burturny has the eliminated the need for mating by conceiving the parents of its future spawn at the same time. As this strange beast grows and develops inside the egg, space becomes limited, the bodies of the male and female eventually merging into one androgynous creature.
    Sick and twisted, or evolutionary genius? You be the judge.
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