Newborn the Birth of...
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Thread: Newborn the Birth of...

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    Newborn the Birth of...

    Dunno which to tackle first but definately liking all three a first for me.
    edit: added sketches.
    Just realised I didn't explain.

    Okay genie's birth. The creation of a Genie has to do with ancient arabian magic dating back to Djinn and all that malarky. Anyway there are rituals and all that summoning, fire blood that sort of thing. So when you summon an entity in this case Genie girl you are creating a brand new genie. A special one all made for you in that instant and linked to you or in some cases your specific task.

    Fairy: Well i like small things. But the idea of small flying things that I didn't swat away looked nice in my head. No one has ever told me how fairies come into being I was thinking maybe like thumbelina. There has to be a flower morning dew connection. So that's how I got this

    Vampires are always cool. All that accumilated knowledge and the concept of a vampires birth. The last breath of humanity and te first breath of a vampire. Or lack there of depending on which mythology you choose. In her case she was a good catholic girl and then came lover boy. Yep it's always the handsome stranger. He made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

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