Hey folks i wanted to post this thread to point out the importance of books with in art. No i,m not talking about reference books. Art History books although i am a passionate art student i had never really given art history much credit. I thought how will reading about a bunch of old artists who produced such boring pieces help my art.

It first started when i picked up a book called "The Expressionists" at first i did little more than browse through it. Then i began to read the first few pages before i knew it i had read the book several times. By doing so i had discovered several new inspirational artists and started to understand some of the philosiphy(sp). I had picked up so much from reading this book and it had helped me to understand art a little more.
I decided to pick other books on art history and artists. I have since read books on Manet, Degas and Schiele(sp) my point being that i can not stress how important these books are. I have gained countless amounts of knowladge from reading these books and they have played a role in the development of my skills.

Thank you