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Thread: Keep-Going SKETCHBOOK - Updated on 1st March

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    Nice form studies, Cristina.
    Thinking connects desire with creation.
    How good are you?

    The Road to Perdition
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    Since I got a couple of commisions coming up, I'll most likely have to squeeze in some more studies in the next couple of weeks or so. Thanks for the compliment. I will pay more attention to my soft and hard edges though. As far as #103, I may have strecthed the jaw a lil too much.
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    Hello Blacky! I have noticed you swimming in my lagoon ^^ mostly appreciate the company! Checked your sketchlings and i have to say girl that you are rlly improving a lot! I dunno if anyone has already mentioned these but if you wanna check out some cool guys with great teachings about the form and figure drawing. Check out Glenn Vilppu, Michael Hampton...and the all famous George Bridgman ^^ I will be watching your spins and swirls in your pool of creation
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    Thanks for dropping by my SB. Your studies are looking good. The colors are pretty much spot on. You might want to do those still's from life instead from photo's to get more accurate colors that the camera can't capture. Keep up the hard work!
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    Wow you really have a lot of studies, and your dedication shows! Your landscapes are some of your strongest work, I especially liked the watercolors a few pages back. Your new color nude in photoshop shows a lot of improvement with the tools in photoshop as well as the figure in general. Its always a big help to me when working with proportions of any kind to look closely at the angles lines and their alignment in the figure or object. Keep up the great work I'm looking forward to seeing how you improve with your next work form observation maybe from the still life photos you posted?
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    Hello everyone! Thank you all for the lovely comment and feedback!!!
    Sorry for the short notice, but I have to move and I won't have an internet connection for a while.

    I hope to be back as soon as possible, posting!
    Sketchbook - I really appreciate comments and critique, please visit!

    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"
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    I like those little still life paintings, always found them fascinating, not the "basket full of apples" stuff. Yeah, I like small fomat paintings. All this anatomy and gesture stuff, there can never be enough of those. Lots of variety in your sketchbook.
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    Great gestures, Blacky! I love that Michael Hamptom book, it's great. Nice still life moar!
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    Great work! The paintings look very accurate in color, value, and the
    brushwork is very deft. Perfect on the technical side .

    Keep up your drawing and studies of form. Really, again, try to improve
    your control and confidence in your lines. Take your time, draw from
    the shoulder (not the wrist), and do some line exercises if you have to.


    I wold advise you to avoid posemaniacs. The simple reason is that it is
    too unnatural. Believe me, I used posemaniacs extensively for a while.

    You will get a lot more value out of a book/CD of photographs of art
    , or downloading poses, photos of dancers or athletes can be
    useful (although time-consuming to collect ).

    The other problem with posemaniacs is the timer. Believe it or not, the
    way to get faster is to go slower.

    Once you are confident and can cleanly analyze the pose and execute your
    lines, you will be able to do it quickly. There just isn't that much to do, most
    of the time is wasted just fumbling around.


    Couple tips on proportion, direction, foreshortening.

    To judge the direction (of a face, for example)

    Keep an eye out for points of reference that are symmetrical.

    For example: corners of the eyes, the mouth, the jaw, etc. A line drawn
    between them must be perpendicular to the centerline of the form, like
    the horizontal line of a cross.

    Usually you can find the vertical axis easily enough (for example, in a face,
    from the center of the brow down to the center of the chin). The only other
    (and most confusing) element is depth. That you just have learn .

    in complex poses: Look at the joints (and other bony landmarks).

    If you are intimately familiar with the shape of the joints and the judgement of
    foreshortening, you can tell the direction of an arm or a leg or a torso
    just like the direction of a face.

    Drawing lots of cylinders / cubes at many angles will help foreshortening and
    directionality to be instinctive.


    Keep it up, Cristina, you are doing great!
    Last edited by BludHund; October 6th, 2011 at 12:06 AM.
    sketchbook...a kitten dies every time you don't comment

    “When forced to work within a strict framework,
    the imagination is taxed to its utmost – and will
    produce its richest ideas. Given total freedom,
    the work is likely to sprawl.”

    - TS Eliot

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    this sketchbook has come so far there's so much improvement on your studies and paintings, love your self portrait from post #1055 very nice lighting that still life from post #1088 is great, really like the way you constructed it and the colors look good too, the book is a bit off though, it doesn't draw back to it's vanishing point as it should. great photo study of that chick in post #1090 i see you made her a little fleshier than the original and i really like the way you painted the branches & leaves of the tree in. the environment studies look real good and your pose maniac's have taken a huge leap keep them coming
    Last edited by miycko; October 8th, 2011 at 06:40 AM.

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    Hi Cristina , how are you ? hope you doing fine
    i really like the last Posemaniacs , keep'em coming
    and try to make some anatomy studies
    keep the good work

    Change is such hard work

    Sketchbook - Blog
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    Hi Matey

    just swung by to to say hi and thanks for posting all the stuff, I feel inspired by some of it and I really liked the gesture drawings. You could do with attacking the girl with the orange scarf thing and the naked but again you havnt quite nailed it yet, but dont despair I have very confidence that you will.

    all the very best to you, and thanks again for posting.
    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook
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