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Thread: Newborn- Where to escape?

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    Newborn- Where to escape?

    Hi everyone!
    (Please excuse my english)

    I decided to participate because I believe this is a great opportunity to better my skills.
    My drawing level is not good enough to compete with the amazing artists here, so this is really just a learning experience.

    But I'd like to thank you in advance for commenting anyway, because it is the best way for me to learn.

    Enough blah blah, the concept:

    A child is sitting in a corner of a dark room.
    She has a broken arm, a black eye and various scratches/plasters all over her.
    It's obvious she was beaten (or I hope it's obvious)

    She is imagining a magical world to escape reality (birth of a new world).

    So we see a beautiful faerie comming from behind the girl and posing a crown on her head (every little girl wants to be a princess) and various smaller magical beings surrending the child.

    There is a huge contrast in color between the real world and the child's imagination.

    Now let's just hope I can actually bring this concept to life...

    Here is the first very rough sketch of the little girl:
    Cégep du Vieux Montréal 2009-2012 ♥
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    That's a really tough idea to do. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the rest.
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    Its a great idea, goodluck with it
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    Interesting idea. I am curious how you show it that its just fantasy.
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