An Artist is needed for Character design and Spaceships for a Television Pilot.

The Project is a comedy live action and puppet show. A mix of Pee Wee's playhouse, Muppet Show and any and all Sci Fi Shows.

The style of puppet will be realistic so any and all types of creatures and aliens are wanted. There are a dozen regular characters that are preconceived with descriptions and backstories but possibility for unlimited "crew" members of varying design, so if a good relationship is struck the work might be ongoing.

The job is going to be big, but to be realistic we are starting with a few characters, which is why the job is in the low pay forum area. Transversely the characters will be created in 3D so there is possibility of expanding ones portfolio with designs to reality pictures.

Please PM with links to examples of Conceptual work not drawings of popluar characters.

Thank you for your time.

Tommy LeRoy