So lately Ive been drawing my ass off and I feel really good about it. The issue Im having is that I cant get myself to do repetitive studies of the same thing. For instance I cant get myself to draw more than a page or 2 of hands in one day.. I just have the urge to jump around and draw something else. I can draw all day long.. its not an issue with drawing itself.. its just WHAT im drawing. For example today I did a page of hands, a page of torsos, 2 pages of box figures and a page of faces for my "study" portion of my day. Will I ever really get this shit in my head without doing tons of repetition of the same thing? At the same time I want to improve in many areas so there are so many things I need to tackle. I feel like by only doing a few studies of everything and not many studies of one thing.. Ill just forget alot of what Ive learned. Am I wrong?