RAVEN is looking for a talented mangaka experienced with budo style and dark future style for men and boys. We are a new company creating graphic books from Hollywood movies. We have completed scripts for the first four books of two different series ready to be drawn. The ideal candidate has 2+ years of experience and is a published artist with a good examples of past work. or an assistant artist looking for a break. Your style should be action - budo (sumuri) style, or dark future. We are not making cartoons. Basic written and spoken English is preferred. Compensation will be profit sharing + a per page rate based upon experience. Please Submit digital portfolios to our website - design☆raven-books.com. Or contact hisa☆raven-books.com to submit a disc or paper portfolio. Finalists will be interviewed and given a tryout assignment.

*please change ☆mark to @ when sending a mail. Thanks.