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    Color Set Limits?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm doing an illustration in painter X, working with black and white and I found that I can only get about 35 thumbnails for gray tones in my "color set". I like to keep my drawing smooth and work with lots of shades of gray but the color wheel is such a pain to get shades from.

    Anyone know how I can get more thumbnails or open multiple color sets? Also, is there a way to manually grab colors from the wheel? It lists the numbers of the color, maybe there's a way I could type it in?


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    How to Create a Color Set Containing 255 Black to White Values


    The default Painter X Color Set, Artists' Colors contains about 112 colors so you should be able to add many more than 35 to your custom Color Set.

    That is, unless you're trying to add colors that are already in the Color Set.

    The quickest way to add colors one at a time is to select the color, then click the Add Color icon at the bottom of the Color Sets palette.

    I just spent about 15 minutes in Painter 11 creating a custom Color Set containing all Values from black to white, or H:0 S:0 V:0 (black) to H:0 S:0 V:255 (white).

    That's 255 colors.
    1. I placed the Colors palette (in Painter 11 the HSV or RGB sliders are included in the Colors palette) to the left of the Color Sets palette. In Painter X, just arrange the Info palette and Color Sets palette side-by-side.
    2. With the HSV sliders displayed, moved all of them to 0.
    3. Clicked the Add Color icon to add the first color (black) to the Color Set.
    4. Clicked the arrow at right end of the Value slider once to move it to 1.
    5. Clicked the Add Color icon again.
    6. Repeated Steps 4 and 5 until all 255 values were added to my Color Set.

    Tedius, boring, un-fun, but easy and reasonably quick.


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    Color Set Limits?

    I have created a value Painter color set comprising of 103 values as shown in the above screenshot.

    Another method you could use is to add a gradient image as a top layer in your Painter document and pick from that (holding down the Shift key whilst the brush tool icon is over the area you wish to sample). After selecting, the image can be dragged to the Image Portfolio palette using the Layer Adjuster tool and naming the image in the dialogue. It is then a simple matter of dragging the image icon from the Image Portfolio palette and dropping it onto the Painter document whenever you wish to use it. See top right in above screenshot. It may be an idea to lock the layer to prevent marking the sampling gradient imagery.

    The above resources can be downloaded here.

    The zipped download folder contains the color set file (RGB_103_Grays.txt) which can be loaded via the Color Sets palette menu Open Color Set command.
    This folder also contains a gradient rif image (Graydient.rif) for you to add to an Image Portfolio library if you wish, or you could make one yourself using 2-point gradient fills.

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    got em!
    thanks guys!


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