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Thread: Your reference/inspiration library

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    Your reference/inspiration library

    I'm looking to build up my library of books for reference and inspiration. What books do you have that you just can't live without? It doesn't have to just be anatomy, other subjects are welcome as well.
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    Any Bridgeman/Loomis/Hogarth books. Ever.
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    I have a few old fashion magazines that I flip through. Those usually get me inspired.

    I look through Yoshitaka Amano's art book regularly and admire his beautiful lines.

    The art book to Spirited Away makes me want to draw beautiful interiors! I haven't had any success yet but I will someday.

    Sandman's stories make me try to think up of better concepts. Some of the illustrations are so strange and beautiful.

    Jack Hamm's figure drawing book is where I got my start.

    I have many other books too.
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    Keith Thompson has some cool stuff if you're into robots.
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    Look here! The Artist's Reading List -
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    I usually look into my books on the old masters when I need some beautiful refs and inspiration. I have a huge book on Leonardo da Vinci and one on Michaelangelo that I love to bits! And I have smaller general ones, too, both on art history and other painters and art movements etc.

    Also, just for pure inspiration, I love reading my big book on mythology. I know it's not a strictly visual one, although it is illustrated with some beautiful indigenous art, I just love reading the stories. They're a huge inspiration, all those colourful characters and mythical places, I can could read these forever.

    I don't have any books on contemporary art or artists for some reason. Maybe because the newer stuff is more easily accessible online? But I guess I just like looking way back when I need some help with the artistic juices
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