IDW #101: Speedbirds

Topic: Speedbirds

Background: The racing planes and cars of old have been a major inspiration for designers over the years. During the golden age of racing many legendary races and prizes were set up to aid the technical advancement of these vehicles. Most bits of technology you find in modern cars and airplanes stems from that era, in fact. Also, the no-nonsense and strong designs of those early race monsters still manage to captivate many a kid or grown-up with and evokes a sense of awe and wonder.

One of those famous races was the Schneider Trophy, a race for seaplanes. It was held 11 times between 1913 and 1931, and became a contest for pure speed over a triangular lap. (More about the Schneider Trophy here: Wikipedia - Schneider Trophy)

The actual topic for this round, however, is inpired by a book that came out recently: Speedbirds. The book is a tribute to those old race monsters, and apart from a lot of drawings and lists of the old classics it also has a section with modern interpretations of those. The main theme is the Schneider Trophy projected into the future, and though most of the drawn airplanes probably won't ever be able to fly, the designs are still awesome to look at. Find more about this project here:

The challange for this round is to do a bit of research to come up with your favourite speed monster from before or close after WWII, and then translate that into a future version that could compete in the Schneider Trophy -meaning it has to take off and land on water, at least. Include sketches of your chosen classic car or airplane in your final entry!

1. Design and draw a speedbird for the Schneider Trophy of the future!
2. First find a classic racingcar or airplane that will form the inspiration for your speedbird, and include studies from this vehicle in your final entry -quality of these sketches is entirly up to you, they're meant as studies!
3. That's it... now draw!

Deadline: Monday, June 15

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