These are some of the drawings I have done, I still have a long way to go and I do not consider myself good at all. But I think I am getting better. Please give me your honest opinion and I will keep trying to get my art to look the way I wish it would look.

This is a demonic spirit done with charcoal spirits. Inspired by diablo. One of my older pictures.

This is a picture of Diablo from the Diablo games.

Another Diablo inspired drawing, based off of one of the monsters in the game.

A portrait of Vampire Hunter D, I ran out of sharpie markers and finished with charcoal.

This is a picture of a Ferry on a leaf. I wish I would of done this in watercolor.

A warrior I drew, messed up on the face.

A character from Gantz, inspired by the manga.

A Feminist Queen Warrior

A orc inspired from World of Warcraft, I couldn't remember what the orcs say so I stole a line from Hulk.

Ichigo from Bleach in half hollow form. This picture is complete except for some blood that I want to add in to the wound on the left side of the face. Im just trying to perfect my blood first. Any ideas?

That's it for now, I know there not very good but Its something I enjoyed doing. Right now I would say my biggest problem is shading, Im a shaky person and have a hard time with that. Please give your opinions and criticism.