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Thread: Products of a Deranged Imagination

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    Pencil time

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    Well, Mami and Charlotte are characters from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica... It's kinda popular nowadays and Alvaro is a HUGE fan, I'm exposed to this stuff every day.

    Perspective... fine, fine, I should draw such figures myself... I'm pretty busy with other things lately but I hope tomorrow will be different! The one standing next to the chair seems to lack neck.

    Gore bestiality with careful rendering... I simply can't find words...

    Big boob lady: the boobs are kinda nice, her body is graceful but the torso is way too short... Proportions, man. Be careful with them
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    Great perspective studies, respect bro
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    Hey my friend ,sorry i missed some of your updates ...u know ,i working hard in my company and sometimes i not have time for this forum...i must say that i realy laughed on your face-emotion studiees ...your comment is awesome
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    I know you enjoy smut, but sometimes I feel it gets in the way of you progressing. More variation in subject manner is in order. I'm not saying consign all your smut to the bin, but mix it up more with more serious studies. The three point one was a step in the right direction.
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    hey snake!
    loads of new stuff, good work
    i agree with blackspot; mix smut with serious for interesting results, see schiele for more details
    i saw a mutilated girl when erm, a friend was looking at tattoo'd and everything..
    pretty terrifying
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    sb most art copied to page 1
    Weapons of Mass Creation 2011 ::: Add your favourites!
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    facebook: Alface Killah
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    Quote Originally Posted by LtPlissken View Post

    The finished version
    and the story...

    During the Great War, the Dominion female
    population captured by the Renegade forces went
    through a special procedure.
    With an automated brain surgery and altered
    motor functions, the victims received a special robotically
    implemented sexual devices, a devices that would satisfy
    any Renegade customer. The mutilated females,
    mind program has been engineered the way that the
    victim should stay aware during her automated deeds,
    but she could not perform anything self consciously.
    This mode has been designed just for the
    improved suffering ratio sake.
    So they turned the Dominions
    captured wives and daughters into a brainless fuckdolls.
    A modern cyborg .
    Every ‘Suckdoll’ received a certain rank and number for
    mocking sake, and an implemented camera in their irises,
    so they could record their actions with their renegade customers,
    and play the record back to the Dominion through
    a pirate underground network.
    The ‘Suckdoll’ project was the latest and also the smartest move of
    the Renegades, considering they overall income.
    First, there was a very good rental price of one suckdoll
    and second there was a very popular, highly watched
    and prepaid underground ‘Live Suckdoll’ channel. you are a sick bastard ^^ in the most positive way there is
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    good to see u some perspective studys with the body.. those wil benefit u a lot .

    about the other drawings seems that everything u draw with boobs, penisses or pussy in it.. are a lot stronger than all ur other works .. how comes ? im curious ..

    keep updating ;D.
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    Hey man,

    Hope you're doing well, Logged into CA after long time and saw your message in my sb.

    Its great to see some focused studies from you. esp @ post #1026. Good expressions overall. but dont stop it from there just keep adding detail and try to get it better with each attempt.

    Last update seems cool. those figures looks cool in different perspectives. Although you could do more with the features. carry on.

    some monstrous boobs! lol

    btw try improving you pencils as i repeatedly mentioned in the last PM i sent you. Also work on your knowledge on shadow and light now. You really could use that knowledge.

    ahh one more thing you're ignoring the life drawing part.!!

    anyways keep rolling mate. ill be visiting to see your next update.
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    oh yeah that's really great study that you made it. the way of drawing human
    being figures could help you to improve the inspiration of any subject you
    thinking about it to create artwork more active and has lots of actions.

    the girls so hot here in your drawing, keep them hot and hotest lol

    keep it up my friend, your style so interesting to me!!!!!!!!

    qlotzan Rafid
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    Yeah, what Black Spot said, hate to say it but I think she's got a point there... =) Keep up the guud work in any case =)
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    Hi Snake!

    Great perspective sketch and I really DIG that flaming eye. Glad I've subscribed to this sketchbook.
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    Thank you for enlightening me about Puella
    Magi Madoka Magica. Everyday I learn something new.
    ‘Gore bestiality with careful rendering’ – I always liked
    your descriptions and your vision. Happy that you replied
    and that you encouraged me once again. Many greetings
    to you and to Alvaro of course.

    I am glad that you like the stuff, I am happy about
    it. Thank you very much for the reply and for
    your constant support.

    No problem about missing any of my updates,
    I am happy that you are here now, and I know
    that you are pretty busy lately. But that is good
    cause you are making money, a very good thing.
    I am pleased if you like the expression drawings
    and the other drawings. Thank you for everything.

    Black Spot;
    I try to mix up some smut with some useful studies,
    so things would not go boring. Like a bit of smut,
    a bit of study, and then smut and again study,
    and something in that fashion.
    Thank you fore pointing out some of my mistakes,
    and thank you for the reply and support. Cheers.

    That Schiele guy was a real twisted one haha,
    thank you for turning my attention on his work.
    And of course thank you for the kind words.
    I am barbequing this weekend, so you could
    hump over for a few beers.

    Sick indeed. And twisted too.
    Thanks for viewing my art and
    for the reply.

    Drawing pussies and penises keeps me motivated, just like running
    and catching the chicken kept motivated Rocky.
    If I would draw a flower bouquet, it would have big tits, trust me.
    I so much thank you for the reply and for the motivation. Peace.

    Man oh man, you are back from the lost country,
    I am so excited about it. I realized everything what you wrote
    and pointed out, and I remember well your PM content. It serves me
    well and you definitely helping me. I much appreciate it.
    I do not like to do life drawings, but I do not ignore them,
    I just do not post them here. They are soooo blah, nothing,
    just not worth the server space.
    Thank you for the page break and for the support of course.
    Hope that we will see you back in action pretty soon.
    You could also join to our currently active study group.

    Yo mate! I am happy of course that you find
    the girls hot in here. They are meant to be hot.
    Swift and nice reply from you my friend. Thank
    you very much.

    You should not hate to say anything that is in my
    favor to improve. I understand what you and BlackSpot
    mean about doing more serious stuff. But hey, I will mix
    up things , just as I wrote above in the reply to her.
    Will try to find the golden middle, the best line to walk on.
    I want to be exciting and unique with my art.
    Thank you for the reply and for the support bro.

    Star Eater;
    Hello there. Happy that you like the latest
    stuff and I am even more happier that you are subscribed.
    I will also try to visit your book on a regular basis.
    It is a pleasure working with you my friend.

    It is update time chiiiildreeeeeen!
    Yes it is update time, I am so happy, we are on the
    page 36 already and this never ending journey will continue.
    Some serious studies will be mixed in with some fucked up
    stuff, I just like to see the serious faces turn to a scared ones.
    I love fast ride, and exciting brutal fights. I like when
    Scorpion rips out Sonya’s spine.
    That is one of the best highlights in my life. I love to love
    and I hate to hate. I like the fresh air in an
    early spring time. I like everything what is nice.
    I like big tits and huge asses. Everything in its own

    Hope that you are all ok, I am happy because so
    many of you visited my work and sketchbook,
    I have to say it again, soon will be my 2nd year anniversary,
    in June, and we will make a big celebration for that occasion.
    My update report system was not working cause my e-mail
    spam system has been blocking it for almost two months,
    and as a big expert as I am, I needed that much time to realize it.
    Poor bastard is what I am. But now I have unblocked those mails
    and visited all of my ol’ friends and replied to as many sketchbooks
    as I just could. Hope that I did not forgot anyone. If I did, then you
    should threaten me in some way, or just terminate me without any

    Let's start with these beautiful
    female poses, imaginary of course,
    I know, there is a lot to improve and the anatomy on
    the right one is so much messed up, I just wanted
    to do an imaginary fatty, but I pretty much failed.
    She looks stupid.
    You will think that the breasts on the left one
    looks unnatural and like balloons, but that is on purpose.
    I want to draw bitchy breasts like these are, I so much
    enjoy doing them. My mouth
    was watering while I was shading them juggs;

    Attachment 1200043

    This is Mr 'Pushbutton',
    it is my imaginary caricature, cause
    most probably a lot of you know what does
    it mean being a 'Pushbutton' in life,
    being manipulated and used by others.
    So this guy is a real Pushbutton;
    Attachment 1200050

    He wants his STRENGTH back,
    and he is from imagination for sure;

    Attachment 1200053

    This is Mrs. Starchy,
    she has total control over Mr. Pushbutton.
    She is manipulating him too much. Mrs. Starchy,
    do not like sex, but she has a bomb-ass body.
    Even her tits are huge and melon-like. She
    never watched any porn in her life.
    She like soap operas.
    Going anal, would mean her sure death.
    Mr. Pushbutton, never had a good sex in
    his life because of her.
    Attachment 1200061

    Imaginary fatty, penciled
    version, gone digital;
    Attachment 1200063

    Thank you every one for watching,
    replying and supporting.
    Will try to kick in some newly freshly
    baked ones pretty soon. I want to stay
    busy and I want to improve more.
    We should never give up.
    Together we could be great.

    [last update; 9th February 2015]

    ...looking for a freelance work...
    In search for a Freelance work
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