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    Keep pushing those anatomy studies!

    I like that chipmunk-girl mutation, cool idea!


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    your work is very cool and u got ur own style in technique and concept. like it u know!
    Cheers/ your friend PMB

    "Painting my brain with memories of the future"
    Pencil and brush is my choice of weapons!

    My Sketchbook!

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    I am happy that you like some of those above.
    My imaginary drawings are also improving thanks
    to my daily referenced studies. Thank you for the
    kind words and reply.

    I will try to take in consideration the weapons weight the next time,
    however it is not easy. Thank you for that tip.
    Thank you for motivating me once again,
    and for visiting every time I update.
    The oils will be burning soon I hope.

    Maybe I am that friend from your highschool haha.
    Sado-masochistic indeed, haha, thank you for
    visiting and for replying. I am glad that
    you like the human-animal mixtures.

    Thank you very much, I just do not know
    what to say. I will get back to boobs pretty
    soon. 3,2,1 ... NOW!

    Glad that you like them buddy.

    You thought that I am around 17.
    Hahahaha, I like that.
    I know, my sick mind takes me everywhere,
    and my deeds are a bit immature.
    Thank you very much for the support.

    Hello. I am mostly using mechanical
    pencils, with HB and 2B led. I feel that
    I can do the best with those currently.
    Thank you for the reply.

    Dope Fiend;
    Absurd, bordering on downright mad is my middle name.
    So glad that you like some of the stuff mate. I will also
    try to explore more the form, the muscles, shapes and will
    try to create even more massive tits. I did not soaked the pages
    in watercolor, it is just a pure photoshopped texture effect.
    Thank you for the words of encouragement and for the support.

    I will try to draw more from life in the future, it is
    kinda boring, but I manage to force myself to do a
    daily dose of life drawings. I will also try to draw
    people from life, which is a bit harder for me currently,
    but I will think of something. I am so happy that you
    have such a high opinion about my work and I am really
    thankful to you that you viewed my drawings and that
    you have left some kind words. Cheer.

    Hello there, happy that you visited, and
    that you did not stopped supporting me.
    Thank you very much for everything.

    My style is kind of dark and I am happy that you like it.
    I have a slight vision that some of them turn away immediately
    when they see the blood and the gore. But not you. I so much
    appreciate that. Thanks for the tips and for the kind words
    my dear friend.

    Hey you, what’s up?
    Sometimes I feel sad cause I am a greedy
    bastard, and yes I am a hedonist also in some way,
    I just thought about it a few days ago. Thank you for
    the kind words and for the reply, it means much to me.

    I am happy that you dig the chicks my friend.
    Expect some more grooveiness around here.
    Thank you for the reply and for viewing my art.

    Thank you very much, it means much to me.
    My moral is rising.

    No problem, I will visit your drawing
    diary anytime. Happy that you visited my work,
    thank you.

    I wanted the Golem to look tall so it looks like it is narrow.
    Maybe I could have gone more massive with him, but now it is
    too late. I guess that I will have to satisfy with this piece like it is.
    Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with me and
    for leaving a comment. Cheers.

    Invalid User;
    That is a nice name you got there. Mechanical
    pencils are cool and I got tired from sharpening regular
    graphite pencils all the time, and they never sharp enough so
    they will make your art look a bit ugly. Thank you very
    much for the reply and the support.

    Siiiiick, hahaha, that is the right word.
    I am doing anatomy and hand studies all the
    time, I just do not post them all. Thank you
    for the constant support buddy.

    Thank you very much for the tips and
    for the reply my friend. Stick around,
    there will be some more hot stuff in the future.

    I am glad that you like the sword chick, her
    name is Sheila. Thanks for viewing and for the reply.

    I am happy that you think that my work is improving.
    That is a real motivational stuff. I think that I understand
    what do you mean about the breasts. I will try to improve
    the visuals in the future, and will try to make them look
    more gigantic and more nicer. Thank you for the tips
    and for sharing your thoughts with me. Cheers.

    Where are you ol’ friend?
    No problem about your absence, I know
    that you are a busy man and I understand that.
    No, my neighbors do not know who I am, nor
    my family knows, hahaha, that was an awesome question.
    Thank you for showing up and for cheering me up.

    Quinn Simoes;
    I am so honored for such a great artist to visit my work.
    Thank you very much for the tip and for the encouragement.

    I am glad and happy that you have such a high
    opinion about my work, thank you very much buddy.

    So much replies!
    I am honored, I have no words.
    I feel motivated right now, and sorry
    for not uploading my everyday boring studies.
    Anyway, visit us in our study group,
    the ground where we are honing our skills.
    People in the place, thank you very much
    for your visit and for your support.
    I feel excited going into new journeys with
    you all together.

    Daily concepts from imagination;
    Attachment 1221431

    Something for nothing;
    Attachment 1221433

    Prince of Persia "Warrior Within"
    environment referenced concept
    done for our study group;
    Attachment 1221436

    Evil Sorceress going digital,
    rendering steps, not finished yet;
    Attachment 1221437
    Putting down the base colors,
    no references used;
    Attachment 1221438
    Trying to fix the proportions,
    realizing how much headache
    gives a wrongly proportioned
    drawn sketch
    Attachment 1221440
    Fixed the eyes, messing with
    the shoulders, she starts to look
    like a gay guy;
    Attachment 1221441
    Flipping it to see the mistakes;
    Attachment 1221442
    She is so HOT, I would do her
    for sure, but I need to finish her first;
    Attachment 1221443
    With converting it to grayscale,
    I can see the contrast and some other
    things that needs to be fixed and improved,
    in this case, I definitely wanted to increase
    the contrast.
    Oh, and do not forget to flip
    your paintings from time to time,
    it is a big secret mistake revealer.
    Attachment 1221518
    Thank you every1 for watching,
    following and supporting.
    Cheers friends.
    Will visit some sketchbooks
    very soon....

    Yo Man! What's on TV?
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    hahah dude her tits are so big they stretch the skin on her chest out nice work only crit would be that maybe the bottom lip over powers her top lip just a tad the enviro sketch looks awsome

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    Hi LtPlissken! Yer like the energizer bunny of the CA!

    Thanks for looking in my sb thread recently...looks like you've got a lot going on here in your sb. I'll try to look back some pages when I have more time.

    Are you studying from the Seegmiller Painter book?

    Anyway...I dig your latest hottie...looking forward to seeing the final!

    - A man diligent and skillful in his work will stand before kings -
    - All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty -

    "You can't design what you don't know." Jeff Watts (as seen in Windmaker's SB)

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    Keep up with those studies i really like the environment study, about the big boobed gal, i think that you should use some more ref and recheck on the neck and the connection of the bust to the torso.


    Open for commissions......just PM me.

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    oh yeah just the right dose of madness and beauty at the same time.
    I can surely see your work coming along together bit by bit pretty cool stuff, the environment turned out sweet man, I am one proud papa today
    My Sketchbook



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    "There are no miracles, no tricks or secrets, only hard work. "

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    This last girl looks quite cold. Especially the colors.
    Keep up drawing and practice anatomy from photos,
    from life from books ...

    Best wishes, Matej

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    i see you have so much struggle with the breasts , why is that ? i am just kidding , i like it .
    On And On , I Am Cursed To Live Cursed With Life Until I Have Done What Done What Must Be Done . . . I Am The Man Who Would Not Die .
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    Y'right, Lieutenant?
    First off, I really like the environment study. You should do more of them!
    Though I have to say the breasts on the woman you drew are actually making me cringe. xD I'm supposing they're meant to have that reaction though.
    Keep up the good work as always.
    - Sketchbook - Society6 - Etsy

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    wow you've been really busy! Great work though, things are looking great here. I like that you are learning form and lighting through your own process and steps rather than always following established routes. Your motivation is inspiring for me too, and tonight it has given me a kick! I would suggest perhaps limiting your use of textures if you can. Strong texture throughout a painting can work, but is usually reserved for areas of interest or realism. This helps to draw your eye in to particular spots and adds more realism. Just something to think about perhaps. Anyway, keep on working hard and overtaking me with your sketchbook (jealous! haha)



    "We make our own fortunes and we call them fate" - Benjamin Disraeli

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    Sick stuff, Lieutenant. The sketch of the lady without any limbs is grotesque . . . Love it! Your progress is going nicely so far. Your understanding of light and color is getting better step by step. Keep going with your colored sorceress piece.

    I will be keeping a closer eye on you, Lieutenant.
    "It's pointless to hate people . . ." - Gale from Digital Devil Saga 2

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    Dude, you did so much stuff since I was gone. I don't know even where to start. I'll focus on newest update, since those previous ones were reviewed enough, for sure . Ok, here I go:

    - pencil sketches: much cleaner, better values, stronger figures. In other words you improved here! gratz mate, it's always good to see how stronger you get. keep it up xd oh and work harder on faces, there are still things to fix here.

    - digital: well, nothing much have changed here. I can say that's good old snake style, I like. Work more on edges - hard edges, soft edges and lost edges. Use hard ones when you want to focus viewers eye on something. But you probably know that . Just practice mor, your paintings are a little blurry when you don't have pencil outline to support you.

    And the most important. I'm glad I have finally get my life back, and I can view your sketchbook more often. I missed your bitchy, snake styled chicks drawings, a lot! Keep working!

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    omg what the nice ideas that you make it day after day i like the way of squeeze the body of girl with nice shading

    the digital paiting processreally awesome but need more addition of shade and light
    but i still love the idea with f**** pretty girl .

    do you like illusion pictures whatch this but after make your eyes like chenese
    eyes by pull them from both sides LOL and read the line.

    Products of a Deranged Imagination

    keep it up my friend plissken


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    I like that enviro sketch and I think I saw oversized boobs enough for my life... I should start to draw nicer ones to balance my life.
    Not a great post I'm admit, I'm still tired after my trip and those girls don't motivated me enough, deal with it.

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