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Thread: Products of a Deranged Imagination

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    Spank me my friend SPANK ME!!! SPANK ME HARD SPANK ME GOOD SPANK ME HOW U LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hehe , u are crazy , omg she pressed button hahahhaha , man u made me to ROFL , keep on rockin'
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    keep fighting the good fight snake
    sb most art copied to page 1
    Weapons of Mass Creation 2011 ::: Add your favourites!
    skype: velocitykendall
    facebook: Alface Killah
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    Thanks for passing by ! I was shocked cause your sketchbook has been opened in a tab for a few weeks now!
    A really inspiring sketchbook and I will keep coming back to push myself.
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    Hello there mate,

    Another promising update. Good job! But next time you delay your updates im gonna send Gibson Lieutenant. You can try signing a treaty with him, unless he’s drunk. . After all we have to keep the Gibson stories going nah?

    Aite, lets get to the details,


    Cool bunch of sketches here. Well those bums and legs aren’t that bad. What you need is more practice. ‘I cannot’ are words you should not try to use anyway. And I see some guy tasting steel. You can heighten the effect by making the muscles on the forehead and the muscle goes around the nose, prominent. Is that a voodoo doll btw? Those figures look good. My only suggestion here is try to use less scribbling. I also have to fix this problem in my drawings so you’re not alone in this.

    Michael Hampton book studies

    Hey I still couldn’t check this book out. Btw does it have any good methods to draw the female figure? I seriously need another good book other than Andrew Loomis for drawing female figures. If you come across one, let me know. Btw these studies look great. Try to clean your drawings out a bit more. I mean erase out those construction lines.

    Mini comic part

    Muahahaha.. I knew it! I knew it! Didn’t I tell you that already in my last post…ahahaha . There’s always a rape case. In fact you are never happy without a one. Man this is great! Beer’s on me this time. However that huge knob looks like its made out of bloody metal. Wrong shading I guess. And wtf is that damn thing twisted too? Maybe wrong line style used here. His tool must be looking like a seesaw to that poor lass. Hahaha lol keep it going u mad bugger .

    Enforcer [imaginary concept]

    This is cool mate. I like it a lot. My only worry is that shoulder armor pad is little distracting but it’s a minor thing. Maybe im wrong so no worries. Good job here.

    Kiwi’s request
    Its good to see you’re using different mediums here. I have nothing much to add here anyway.

    Imaginary heads

    Ahh now this is something I always would like to see. Have to say these are looking better than the last batch mate so, congratulations! Btw don’t scribble over those female faces too much because it ruins the feminine look. I really like the perspectives you have tried out. There are slight errors here and there but hey those can be fixed with more practice. So I say do some more!

    Referenced heads

    Man these are cool. I really like the colors you have used. I see some slight variations in eyes but its nothing to worry about. Guy in the middle has wrong shading on his neck. It makes it look really narrow. Nevertheless, great job here. Well done.

    that's it!

    I will have to repay somehow in the future.
    Im the one who owes you mate. Not the other way around

    Thank you for the ‘Drawing landscapes’ book suggestion. I don’t know should I start to study that one also,cause I have opened so many books at once, that I am a bit confused.
    First of all, book name is “Pencil Drawing techniques” you can definitely study it simultaneously with your other studies. Study a small section and apply that knowledge to your drawings. Easy as that. I have another book i should recommend to you but for now just stick to these books. i dont want to overload you.

    Btw great update and im looking forward for another one like this. Don’t miss out the life drawing section next time mate. You can learn a lot from that. Keep up the good work. ill see ya later.
    Last edited by devastacio; January 27th, 2011 at 02:59 PM.
    My Sketchbook

    Check out my friends?
    Lt.Plissken | Ramalooke | ThomasM | shiNIN | kiwigarbage | Kungfoowiz | Bethany K. | Sivonja | equilerex

    What man is a man, who does not make the world, better. -Kingdom of Heaven
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    well, the bums from a straight-on angle look a bit large cos of how you shaded in, not fat, but perky, er, i don't know how to explain it

    interesting color in referenced heads! keep up the studies I think they will help you.

    NaidyBlack SpotEyestrainVK

    “This is [...] where the anvils are made of graphite, the hammers are as true as rectangular marquee selections and the fires burn with the light of a thousand lensflares.” --Jason Rainville
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    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    Happier than you and me
    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    And it determined what he could see
    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    One chromosome too many
    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    And it determined what he could see

    And he wore a hat
    And he had a job
    And he brought home the bacon
    So that no one knew
    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    His friends were unaware
    Mongoloid he was a mongoloid
    Nobody even cared

    The guy who successfully developed awesome penis enlargement, have something
    else stiff other than his face, haha. I am glad that you like that one, or I hope that you
    like it, otherwise I will send Mel Gibson to your house.
    You just would not believe me, how much honored I felt in the moment when I read
    that you are considering me one of the people who are special to you. Wiiiiiiii, I am
    happy. But honestly. I would like to come to your party, but I am a bit far away.
    Anyway, we should meet in person my dear, one day we should meet.
    I would like to thank you for all this my little hedonistic special friend.
    ‘Take this Lady Gaga’ – haha, you are awesome.

    The logic of the chick with the SMG is ironic. Life’s irony. As soon as you
    start to improve, or things starts to turn better, someone will put his boots on your
    neck. At least that is how it's with me and my vicinity.
    I have to disappoint you, cause there is no violence in my update now neither.
    I will try to make up for the gore. Will do double gory actions the next time just
    for you. Thank you for pointing out some of my mistakes, will surely capitalize on
    them in my next battles. Thanks Beth.

    Hello and welcome. Sexy chick were not intended to be scary, but if they
    are scary even better. I like to draw naked females. Younger ones more.
    Will try to improve my gestures, I am working on it. Thank you for
    your reply and for showing me that there are more people out there who view my

    Teapo my friend, always good to see you. Thank you for pointing out the things
    that you have pointed out, they mean much to me. Every bit of those advices,
    helps me to build a stronger knowledge fortress, and brings me plenty of
    valuable experience. Thank you.

    Your professor said it great. As deeper we scour in the magic forests of art the deeper
    we understand some things. Every day I feel some new power surrounding me, every
    new day brings me a new skill, I feel much more experienced then I was when I started
    my journey. But ain’t that the point of being here? To be a better person and a better artist?
    I think that I got some book from Hogarth. Currently I have too much things on my back
    and cannot start those studies immediately, but maybe in a few days or weeks from now.
    Thank you for the advice and for the encouragement, and you know that I am not saying
    this formally, I say it because I really mean it.

    ‘Long time no see’ – exactly my friend. But I am glad now that you are here.
    Happy that you think that I am improving fast. There is not much of a secret, I guess
    as they say, 1 percent talent and 99 percent hard work. In a last few months I tend
    to draw or paint digitally on a daily basis, at least half an hour or more if possible.
    When I do not manage dot draw at all, I got a hard feeling that my day was wasted.
    It’s a bad feeling. Thank you for your kind words and for your encouragement.

    Seraph Fawkes;
    Hey there. Happy that you are back again, I was already started to miss you.
    Absolutely fantastic thing that you think that my linedrawing has improved,
    my self confidence is growing with all these praises. Thank you very much.

    Thank you my friend. Glad that you like the latest drawings.
    Thank you for motivating me.

    I thought that I better wrap up my pencil drawings and put them in
    some more prettier package, by digitally coloring them. Happy that
    you like them my friend. Thank you for replying and for giving me
    the right amount of encouragement.

    Where have you been my man? I thought that you have been
    caught on one of your reckon assault missions and that you are never coming back.
    Good to see you, I am happy about it, thank
    you for the words of encouragement, hope you have something fresh
    in your book, cause I am visiting it soon.

    Honestly, I much more enjoy doing imaginary drawings than any other studies,
    but I know the fact that my imaginaries cannot improve without referenced ones,
    so I am flipping each side of the coin and I am approaching the problem from
    many angles. The thing why I do not go into much details with my drawings,
    is because I have many ideas in my head (you cannot imagine how many), and
    my goal is to throw out as much as I can in the shortest possible time period I can.
    Thank you for the advices and for the support, means much to me.

    Ho-Ho-Ho, holy wooden one legged baby doll, son of Hamlet, cousin of Romeo,
    brother of Juliet, you made me feel like a hangman on judgment day with this funny
    little bloody conversation. This is hilarious. Simply hilarious, I feel euphoric and playful
    at the same time. Hahaha, like it, like it, like it.
    Motivation meter – Risen 5 notches – overload possible.
    Thank you.

    Giant boobs are something worth living for.
    Happy that you viewed my scribbling dear friend.
    Thank you.

    Creepy-Bar open day and night, feel free to visit every one.
    Hope you like what you see ... haha, thank you for your constant
    support buddy.

    Happy to hear all those praises and words of encouragement from you.
    Thank you very much for visiting my book and leaving a comment.
    Nice avatar.

    Sometimes I like to leave all my lines and do not clean them up,
    as for me to see the improvements when I come back to these pages after time.
    Maybe I will be needing less lines in the future to get the right one, that is
    if I practice enough. Thank you for your reply.

    Currently my aim is to do character concepts and some mini comics, cause they
    satisfy my needs. However environment and other kind of drawing/paintings are
    not excluded in the future. I am doing referenced and imaginary studies in the same time,
    trying to mix things up. Will do more studies, do studies as crazy and will try to draw
    more from life. Honored to get some advices and support from a great artist as you are,
    hope that you will visit sometimes again.
    Thank you very much.

    Hahaha, will do the SPANK-ing stuff for sure. In a brutal way.

    She pressed the button and now she have a full hand of work.
    This ain’t going to end well.

    Velocity Kendall;
    Thank you for your visit and for the encouragement.

    The things you wrote means much to me, and they
    motivate me in more than one way. Knowing that there are people
    out there who visits my drawings day by day, fuels my desire to fire.
    Hope that we will exchange our opinions more often in the future.
    Thank you.

    Hey there buddy. You are definitely the most detailed reviewer of my work,
    and I am happy that we met. Your replies mean much to me for sure.
    Gibson was at my house a few times this week so I
    could not update, cause we had lots of beers. We made a Mel Gibson
    monument together in my backyard. It looks great, and I will take a
    photo of it and post it in the near future. There is me and Gibson standing
    by the monument with some booze in our hands. A really epic photo.
    I just waiting Gibson to agree, so I could publish the photo.
    Answers and discussion on your reply;
    -on the imaginaries, that doll is from imagination,
    and I do not know why did I draw it, it just came naturally,
    I am not sure if it is a Voodoo doll. It is just a torn doll which excel from the
    other items on the page
    -If you did not managed to get yourself a copy of Michael Hampton’s book,
    I advice that you do it as soon as you can, cause this is one of the best books
    that I have found about anatomy and figures, makes me understand body parts
    much more clearer than some other confusing books, Bridgman for example.
    I am an old school type, what can I do about it. Yes, there are female figure
    studies in it also. With small breasts unfortunately.
    -Mini comic ‘huge knob’ looking like made out of metal. I was aiming for a
    natural look, but hey, go easy on me cause that is all imaginary so I guess
    I will just have to train more doing more realistic knobs. More porn for me
    this weekend. Will plan to do a few more sex scenes with those actors.
    Actually that suppose to happen in some fantasy futuristic space world,
    cause they are in some space suits
    -Enforcer concept – that was just a half hour warmup for the following ones
    -About my too many lines – I just intentionally do not erase the sufficient ones.
    As I mentioned somewhere above, it will be fun to come back when I improve
    more (I hope that I will improve) and see these drawings where I needed about
    20 line tries to get the straight one. I know that perfection does not exist, but
    at least I want to get close enough to it.
    I hope that my answers were not too confusing and I hope that I have answered
    generally to all what was questionable.
    What else should I say, than thanks.

    I think that I realize what you are saying about the bums.....
    Thank you for your input, support, generally I am glad that you replied my friend.

    Thank you very much.

    Hey there friends.
    Wish you all a warm welcome who visits the first time my sketchbook
    and I would like to thank to all of you who visit my work from earlier and
    on a regular basis. I am so surprised lately, cause I am receiving too much
    attention and I get so many replies from you good people, I do not know
    how to thank you. I have just imagined a situation, in a scenario where would not exist and if I would not post my works online,
    and I realized that I would not been doing art at all, cause that way I would
    not have any motivation at all. This community and you all together make
    me to draw and to paint. Every day I start to draw or paint something, I
    automatically think about how people will view it on conceptart. And that
    is just a fantastic feeling, something that you just cannot simulate with
    anything else. Thank you all.

    I know that there are people who replied in my sketchbook even a few
    months ago and I never replied to their sketchbook, I never returned the
    favor. I have made a list of those member who I owe a reply. But the
    thing that stops me knowing that most of those artist have so many
    sketchbook pages that I just cannot reply with a simple ‘good work’.
    They deserver more, and I procrastinate my answer to them day by
    day, and I have turned out an ungrateful bastard. Sorry all of you
    because of that. They say a smart man never promise anything, so I
    will not promise it either, but I will TRY to answer to every person
    who ever made a reply to my book sooner or later.

    About my studies and work;
    I do much more studies and drawings, mostly graphite pencil
    drawings, than I post here. I decided not to post those cause they
    are really mundane. Basically said, if you have saw one of them,
    and you did on the previous page, you have saw them all. So
    no need for me to spam you with the same stuff over and over
    again. Most of the times I can realized my own mistakes on my
    drawings, like something basic, like too short legs or too big head,
    and I know that it’s wrong, so there is totally no need for that one
    to be posted here. Instead of all this, I choose just a few worthy ones.
    Worthy ones based by my measures of course. I post the ones, where
    I feel that I have made a step forward or I came up with something new
    in my mind, some new color combination, or some funny little shit,
    which of course most of the time portrays my state of mind and my
    feelings. Hope you all understand this and that you will not get too
    disappointed about my approach. If anyone thinks differently, please
    say it, I am always open for discussion.

    Anyway, some of you think that my updates come real seldom.
    Well, I have a different view. When I registered here and through
    a whole year, my update pattern was once in every two weeks
    or even once in every month! So now, updating every week
    or updating even twice in a week, means a huge step for me.
    That means that I have amazingly increased my work tempo.
    Thanks for you all who supports me and motivates me.
    I think that I should be satisfied. I think that I am satisfied.
    Thank you all.

    Digital character concepts, no references used,
    pretty quick ones, half an hour for each, no detailing.
    I am pretty satisfied cause I made to pull out some imaginaries
    without any reference, thank to my latest anatomy, figure and
    gesture studies. Definitely paying off the study time that I put
    in doing all this stuff.
    I guess they are [from left to right];
    Assassin, Archvile, Firefox(not Mozilla)
    Attachment 1156317

    Pencil gesture studies, painted digitally;
    Attachment 1156318

    Graphite 2B and mechanical pencil, referenced;
    Attachment 1156319

    Comic book part;
    Attachment 1156320

    Imaginary Faces;
    Attachment 1156321

    Gesture studies II;
    Attachment 1156322

    Last edited by LtPlissken; January 28th, 2011 at 07:04 PM.
    [last update; 9th February 2015]

    ...looking for a freelance work...
    In search for a Freelance work
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    i truly enjoyed going through your sketchbook, LtPlissken!
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    I will be very short now... {at least I honestly thought that. I'm so naive sometimes}
    I'm tired (of reading about passive houses for hours again... *sigh* and trying to get some warmth using almost all my firewood in this very poorly insulated house it's cold and I'm close to get sick... *cough*) but I had to react.

    What. The. Hell... Be a good boy and tell me what drug have you used to create this last update... You weren't this cool before... or is it my taste...
    Archvile lovely, lovely guy
    Good stuff in general, I'm impressed

    And nope, you aren't so far away. I'm a sponsor (well, I gave some money in the beginning... I will give more when I will have the opportunity...) of a sweet (and of course, kinda... not bad, rather... lively, yeah, lively, she's totally that) puppy (well, she's kinda big already but still young and playful) who lives somewhere in the USA. I drew her when she will still little. I probably never will see her. What would I do in America? I miss some nice scenery but hey, I barely saw something in Europe...

    Oh and I got a picture idea today. Considering my pictures and ideas so far... It's totally your fault that it will contain penises. You're a bad, nasty company, yessss, my preciousss (I always loved The Lord of The Rings, I have a partition named MyPreciouss. All my collected and own pictures are there).
    {Unforeseen event... Your large penis drawings fertilized my imagination... Ouch, I feel dirty...!!!
    Oh but even your last one wasn't a big enough force to get me out of my "home sweet home" plans and I spend my time with reading about things about houses, interieurs, solar gain... Alas. I'm well but I still draw little}

    Be well ~
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    Yeah dude!
    YOU are back with a lot of drawings!
    Great to see that you are still working!
    I would suggest you to start working harder!
    I know you have more potencial than you are doing now!

    And try to get more into studying than sketching!
    Study anatomy, light, still lifes and all this funny shit!

    waiting for your next update to see if you did more studies than this time!

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    miiilk is that the way of zombie says i love you LOL

    YOUR last update like bomb on CA because all ideas are awesome, what the most
    one i've like it the girl in the side view shows the cool improvement

    keep it up my friend and have a lucky day

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    weird and perverted
    ---- -
    sehertu mannu narāṭu ina pānāt šagapīru ningishzidda
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    you are improving mate, I can see improvement by each post quite amazing actually.
    so much potential in your sketches although the anatomy is off for now but the ideas are pretty good and you got imagination, just keep practicing!
    My Sketchbook


    Facebook page

    "There are no miracles, no tricks or secrets, only hard work. "
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