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    Hey dude!

    Great figures in your perspective boxes!
    Reminds me of Loomis, or?
    Start doing still lifes, they are really artist gold

    I updated also again, perhaps everybody of us checks his other sketchbook every day?
    Then we could give us tips everyday when the update comes

    Greetings, Sil!

    Edit: Your skulls are a bit to small in the width Check it out!

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    um i see your lines not comfortable or sure...set up dynamic lines and put the figures as they look real...yours not like that...they are standing like frozen or not alive...give them a life keep working

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    Hey man thanks for visiting my sketchbook. Its good to have your opinion and encouragement because it really helps.

    Anyways i started going trough your sketchbook. Looking great i must say and hopefully willing to learn more from your experience. I have gone trough first few pages only. will get more spare time in upcoming week so will take a look at it slowly.

    And i randomly checked few pages then i saw your "Big boobed woman" piece. Maybe ' "Big" is such a small word to describe those man !! LOL I wonder if someone stick their head between those, he might even get chocked to the death !!

    Good work man and make sure you are posting. Will definitely check it out. I rated your thread as well coz you deserve it mate.
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    Perspective studies are just too
    tough for me at the current moment.
    I will work more and more to master it.
    Thank you for viewing and visiting.

    Very interesting advice. I never heard
    that technique before, but I will try it and
    see will it help me. I did not noticed that
    my characters lack of weight. Thank you for
    pointing that out and for visiting my book.

    I think that those perspective studies are
    from Loomis book, I am not sure honestly, cause
    I have a bunch of papers and other photocopied
    documents on my table, it is a real mess, and I just
    grabbed a few papers and referenced from them. I think
    that you are right, it should be Loomises book.
    Skulls, well I think that they are far from perfect, I am
    still struggling and learning the right approach to them.
    You are right, we should visit each other's sketchbooks and
    leave comments and we should discuss every aspect of our mistakes,
    maybe not every day, but pretty often would be a great idea.
    Thank you very much for visting and for supporting me.
    I count on you all the time.

    Uh, I think that there is a long road ahead, till I make
    my figures dynamic enough. I just can't get the hang of
    it currently, and I am studying proportions and anatomy,
    I did not get to the gesture part yet. It is a long and hard
    road out of hell...
    Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.

    Happy to see you.
    Glad that you are still here and I am
    satisfied cause you like my art.

    no problem man, I will visit your
    sketchbook any time and give you some humble
    advices. We are stronger together.
    I hope you will enjoy going through my whole
    sketchbook, what you see there is mostly what
    happened in the last two years in my universe.
    The big boobed woman is called "Fuckdoll Lucy".
    Someone better stick something else between her
    tits other than his head.
    Thank you very very very very much for rating
    my thread and of course,
    thank you for your support.


    Daily drawing exercises;
    Attachment 1113118
    Attachment 1113119

    I have found someone who will guide me
    through the tunnels of anatomy studies.
    I would like to introduce him to you all.
    His name is Smoke Bone, and he is a bit shy and
    curious at the same time.
    Everybody say hello to Mr Smoke Bone;
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    Those perspective studies you're doing are bloody good.

    Faces showing a marked improvement too. You're working hard mate, but don't stop now!
    Try to soak up as much as you can from your studies, and never give up! YEAH!

    Also, I ended up wiki-ing about ribcages. xD
    "A typical human rib cage consists of 24 ribs, the sternum, costal cartilages, and the 12 thoracic vertebrae."
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    I like the bold guy in 484 post I'm not experienced enough for giving any advices but I noticed that there is a big difference between your digital and pencil works. Keep posting!

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    You've got some good stuff going on here Snake! I especially like the guy with the guns on top of p16. The bad ass dude with the colored pants on top of this page was pretty cool too, it was so wrong that it was right

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    I see you're doing that mushy looking stuff with the paint. That's something I hated myself for doing. That happens when the edges are all soft. You got to watch that stuff, ask yourself if there would be a soft transition of things in the painting or not. Color studies help this, like still lifes and photo studies.

    You could also try and limit yourself. Just use a really hard edge brush that you can't make soft. No penpressure either. That way you have to force yourself to pick the colors to make the transitions rather than the penpressure. It's pretty hard at the first tries but it actually helps a lot.

    Keep working hard and don't give up!

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    Hey, Plissken, aren't u geting tired from the anatomy studies? From my experience, taking small breaks from it and doing some imaginary shizzles, or looser drawings helped to get back to it with a more fresh head, even if they are not right, or dont look correct at all, this might spot your weakest spots aswell

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    Hey, man, you're kicking ass with these studies. You've improved a lot from your first post, it's really inspiring. Rock on and thanks for stopping by my sketchbook!

    My daily art blog

    My Sketchbook

    Please take a gander. =D

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    Shot bro, big improvements since my last visit!

    Your pumping out these studies, and it sure is making a difference! Construction has gotten a heap more solid, which is the way it should be. Watch out for the symmetry on your faces though, some more study on the face cannon would help. keep em' studies coming mate!

    Also just wanna point out the improvements in your line quality, its all looking up man, keep it up!

    Cheers, and thanks for the sb visits
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    And he said, "Welp, I suppose you better shut up and draw."

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    Hey there, thanks a lot for replying in my SB and giving me such a thorough writeup, wasn't expecting that. I'll reply here since you'll probably read this.

    Yeah I go through phases with my art, sometimes it comes out and sometimes I have to struggle to draw and produce anything. This was a very rough year for me. I was real busy with work and real life to pay too much attention to my art. Another thing that happened was that after the Team CHOW at the start of the year I got horribly burned out. I didn't even realize it until recently but once we finished with it I was done. The voting also hurt because it turned into a popularity contest. I don't think we had the best entry at all but the lack of votes does demotivate one. At the end of the day I know it's not about that, we did good work and I certainly learned a lot and improved but it still sucks a bit.

    Clanlord is fine. He lives in Bulgaria and I stay in touch with him since I'm Bulgarian too. He's working on school stuff now, seems like he'll go into architecture. I was super amazed how much he improved, I pushed him along from the very first page in his SB and it goes to show that younger people learn faster though he certainly worked very hard at it.

    Anyways, I hear your words about my art and I appreciate the honest critique. I'm always striving to improve as an artist, sadly at thsi stage I know my weaknesses and getting over them with the time I have is hard. I'm not aiming to be amazing or anything, actually at this stage my art has gotten to a point where I needed it to be so I can focus on other projects. Mostly I intend to enjoy the journey from here without busting my butt unnecessarily.

    Oh and the stuff about being a vet, that really doesn't matter. I think most people improve a lot more in 4 years than what I have since I joined.

    Cheers, I'll be checking back on your progress too and thanks again!

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    awww yeah for loomis studies mate! keep heading in that direction... i must... study too


    available for commission/work

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    Nice sketchbook
    (I understood your post on my SB but its way easier for me to write in english!)

    Definitely heaps of improvement - your coloured pieces seem to have a bit more life to them - I think in the studies you need to loosen up a bit and not copy the ref figures exactly. Like I can tell its repetition not learning so much. How I would go about this is by doing a few quick, long strokes first to get the 'line' of the figure. This the balance point and what everything else should be built on.

    That said, I don't do this in my own art. Since I have almost completely abandoned line, I have felt that much more comfortable and free.
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    I don't understand the spartan camp as a challenge between several participating users. But as an area to support the motivation to draw and practice more than someone would do without the goal to participate or to post there.

    Even the words "not now" or "not ready" are exactly the reason why someone should join. ;-)

    To force or rush the drawing isn't bad either. I recommend Mike Mattesi's books (Force Character Design and Dynamic Life Drawing, a 3rd book about animals will follow in 2011) to understand the success which is given after the faster scibbling. It is noch about failure. It is about supporting the failure and correcting the concepts of figure in your mind. You could see it as a faster uploading of knowledge into your concept-library in your brain. Believe me and try to draw faster accepting some mistakes. Correcting is always possible with an eraser. :-)

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