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Thread: Products of a Deranged Imagination

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    Cool judge-bulldog

    That smoke from the cigarette is a detail that struck me as something "perfect"
    Deceive me out of my emptiness
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    Hey mate!
    Your improvent is getting bigger every time I check your sketchbook! I like what you did in your last update! I was thinking to do it myself (not with bulldog like you did,but something similarly).
    Anyway,there`s much details in your drawings,I like that,with tablet I think you must put much more effort than I on my traditional way ( I never tried to draw on tablet) so good work and keep exploring!
    P.S. Did you work out that photoshop tutorial for heat effect?
    Cheers mate!
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    Heya! Thanks for visiting my book

    First of all, great progress since the first page, that dog is great heheh.

    Now for the boobs. I understand you like them extra big with sugar on top BUT the problem is that the boobs being big part is taking away from the boobs being natural part. What I'm saying is that it looks kinda like you're just trying to make them look big without trying to make them look like boobs. My advice is to pay more attention to muscle and gravity - how boobs attach to the torso and how they look when the body is in a certain position, when you know that it's easy enough to make them bigger. Damn, that means you'll have to draw more boobs... For practice, naturally.

    Now, here's some awesome reference - awesome reference

    What I like about your drawing is that you seem to have a knack about the environment and atmosphere which is something I myself lack. Anyways, that's it for now, hope to see you around
    Sketchbook .... Blog .... DevArt .... Tumblr
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    OMG the dog.... I think he's suffocate. Definite improvement here my friend.

    O, and listen to everyone about the boobs.
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    Oh man I love how your warrior lady came along, I especially love the lighting on her feet!

    Your sci-fi tortured titties lady just freaks me the hell out man, Novbert megkomentalta azt ugyhogy beken hagyom.

    Your judge Dred dog is great man. The lighting kinda bothers me though his helmet, collar, and nose/face seem to have different light sources, maybe that was your intention but it looks a bit weird to me.
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    Some pretty cool stuff here - The Judge Dredd/Bulldog piece made me laugh. Fun idea!
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    Haha, I love the last painting. Nice one!

    The armour on Max' shoulder makes sense - it protects his right arm that is usually extended while, say, shooting. Also, he is more likely to lunge forward and break a glass/hit a bad guy with that shoulder. Protecting one boob more and not the other makes less sense :'D
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    Hah, your last project is the best way possible though
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    Dude, great ideas, try to focus a bit more on overall form and color and it will take your imagery to the next level


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    I'd second what Brun said. There are too much blurry areas on your pics. Check the 'Flatten and simplyfy' section of this tutorial to see what I mean. I'd suggest that you should try to work with harder brushes and create more flat areas on your pics. You can even experiment with brushes with other dynamics disabled.
    "Try again, fail again,
    fail better!"
    Samuel Beckett
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    Hello Sweron; thank you for commenting on my paintings.
    You got it guessed pretty well about the bulldog mutated painting, cause when
    I finished the painting I also realized the resemblance to the “Judges”, plus the guy
    under my reference mask is I guarantee you, referenced from Silvester Stallone’s face, who has been
    under some ironical circumstances, playing the character of Judge Dredd in the movie
    version of Marvel’s comic book based character.
    I just do not want to let that the wrong people get the credit, but actually, my reference
    and the idea that I had in my head before my finished work, is from the cover of the PC
    game Quake 3 “Team Arena”.
    I have to admit the front cover guy ninety percent reminds on Judge Dredd, but he is not suppose to be him:

    Attachment 943277

    The cigare, was my final touch to that painting, and though I am not a smoker, I had an
    urge to lighten up a good Cuban cigar, cause I have almost felt its flavor.

    m.j. Hello buddy. Thank you for posting and for viewing the paintings all the time.
    Well, doing digital art is not the same as traditional work, but I would not say that it is harder or more difficult, it is just different. When you try it and get the hang of it, then
    it will be the same as traditionl work. Pencils, brushes or drawing tablets, no matter what,
    those are all just tools for the artist, but the most important is what you have in your mind,
    heart and soul. I think that if you have great ideas, motivation and a good will to do all that, you could do carvings in the stone on the cave wall and they would look good.

    I did not managed to accomplish the heat effect on my Assassin painting, cause unfortunately, I was too dumb to follow through the tutorial from the link that I mentioned, or the tutorial sucked. I did not found any other stuff about that on the net,
    so I did not bothered it anymore, I just finished the painting as it was. Thank you for your
    help once more.

    Whistler No, thank YOU for visiting my sketcbook .
    Now I know the problem with the female’s breast on the Harvester painting, cause a few
    of them pointed that problem out. Now as I know that the female breasts are a huge
    weakness of my, from this moment on, I will work on them much much much more than
    I did before.
    Thank you very much for the link that you have shared with me here, that is really a good
    source of “awesome” references. Thank you very much.
    Please stay here, cause I will be doing more huge female breasts pretty soon, and you
    will be able to say, did I have improved my skills or not.

    Pixie Trick; mi casa es su casa.
    You are right, in some moments the poor dog looks like he cannot get sufficient oxygen,
    cause of the claustrophobic helmet and cause of the Cigarillo.
    Thank you for being with me.

    LordVenom; Yo man, glad to see you.
    Thank you for viewing and for posting.
    Most of them did not liked the breasts , unfortunately, but I will try to do them better, next time, maybe even bigger, heavier and more realistic. I started to watch lot of big titted porn movies from yesterday, and I think that I am trying to get the hang of them.
    I will surely shine doing them the next time.
    The lighting on the “Bulldog” painting is totally imaginary, it is from my mind, no
    references, so there is nothing weird about it, if it is totally wrong. Sorry, I did my best
    this time.

    intrinsik; man your nick is so hard to be written down, sorry if I have mistyped it.
    Thank you very much for viewing, posting and for supporting me. Please stand by, there will be more interesting things in the future, I hope, if I do not die before that.

    Donna; hello, hello, I am happy about you visiting and viewing my latest paintings.
    Well, I do not know about the armor thing. One should not go into such “reality” concerned details on fantasy subjects. I disagree with the fact that the right shoulder “armor” is useful on Mad Maxes suit, cause it will not protect jack-shit when he is shooting or whatever he is doing, especially when you look at his other body parts, that they are not covered at all with protective material. That same story goes for my Elite Force Assassin character, ninetyfive percent of her body is unprotected, but she has armors on her boobs. It is stupid in reality but in fantasy art it is ok. It could be even great, if you consider the fact that she could mount a chest adapted Gatling gun there. Attaching the gun
    into those holes on the breast armor, and the gun just requires one breastcup to be smaller.
    The smaller breast is done out of purely esthetic reasons, just the same as the plate on Maxes shoulder, but of course a story could be always put behind it in a fantasy world.
    If we want to go into realism, then we should not go further from examining the worlds most advanced military forces and the military special forces and their suits and armor, cause those are the most effective and most field tested and proven as worthy to be worn.
    The problem is that those things are effective in real battle and most of the sober and normal person who cares about their own life would wear that in war or bullet flying situations, but in fantasy art it would look boring and dull always following the things what would work in real life. Sorry for going into this subject so deep, but it is an interesting thing to talk about, cause I know a lots of times there is a moment when you are drawing/painting and you are asking yourself “will this work in a real life?”.
    I think that if you are up into fantasy painting and drawing, then you should let a bit looser the reality laws and your concept of reality limits.

    S.Elena;Thank you, thank you , thank you very much

    Brun; Thank you very much for helping me with your advice, first I was not clear about what you said about focusing more on “overall form” but then Novbert explained it to me. Thank you.

    Novbert Hello, my good old friend, always happy when see your posts and your helping comments. Thank you for the tutorial link, honestly I alredy saw that tutorial but
    as stupid as I am , have to admit did not learned alot from it. I will work and study even more harder from now on. I totally understand now what you are trying to say about my forms, I am not sure will I be able to correct those flaws of mines, right away, but I will surely think of them. Thank you.

    The next one is pretty much the same as the last one was, the human animal combination.
    Do not expect nothing special realistic about this one, cause I used only those two reference images, the lightning and the colors are all mine, and they are coming from the dark cellar of my subconscious mind.

    I would like to thank you all, once again, who visits, view my work and who supports me.
    [last update; 9th February 2015]

    ...looking for a freelance work...
    In search for a Freelance work
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    Hi LtPlissken,
    what a update????????? last two paintings are just awesome. you had really a brainstorming effort and the output came so nicely. nice color composition,brush stroke,detailing....pretty appreciable...
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    I like your style and colors, but maybe try and paint on an entire image at the same time, some parts of the image don't have the same feel and it looks like the characters have been taken from different images and put into one new one.
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