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    Seconded!! whats up are you working for a living or just drunk and depressed?

    Missing you mate where are you ??
    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook

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    "No LtPlissken in the place!!!!!!!!!!!!?????" means empty and boring.
    What is the meaning of being away from share anything with us.
    I hope nothing harm happen to you I hope the best life for you.
    I respect you being away from posting anything recently, it happened to me once.

    the best life for you my friend.

    you here symbol of inspiration in CA so please don't miss this place.

    qlotzan Rafid falah

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    It's being 24 days from today and you never come here in this place
    oh man we miss you

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    Oh crap one page passed and no updates. What's going on? Come back to us LP D:
    My Sketchbook!This scrub needs your guidance

    Very Cool Guys:
    Lakai ---- Whirly

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    yahoooo digital suff! ^_________^
    Awesome corridors!

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    even no update but I feel he is already here, so there is a reason that sop him from
    posting any thing you will see guys " you will see!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    Sin Eater;
    I agree, the colored version of the Generator room is no good,
    I ain’t like it either. The black and white environment is much
    more believable and has its creepy charm. I really would like to
    have more time for 3D art, and to focus on that just for a while,
    but I have to do the traditionals and 2D also. Thank you for
    visiting and for replying.

    Ako nista drugo makar sam uporan to si dobro primetio. Nekad zbog toga
    i lose prodjem, ali kao sto kazes, raditi level design za neku igricu
    bi bilo super, ili bilo sta, bilo kakav koncept za igricu je cisto zadovoljstvo.
    Tj, onome ko nalazi uzitak u crtanju i slikanju, raditi taj posao ne bi
    trebalo da predstavlja nikakav problem. Nisam jos cuo za Ethanny Wederon.
    Daj link da vidimo tvoju verziju fanarta.
    Ja bih bio zaista sretan kad bih video neke hot pervert radove od tebe,
    so let your demons go.
    BTW, dobar ti je novi sketchbook.
    Hvala sto si posetio i sto me podrzavas.

    The velociraptor is something new in my drawing career,
    I never liked to draw dinosaurs and dragons, so I did not really
    enjoyed doing those, but what you have to do, you have to do.
    Maybe some love between me and the raptor will be generated
    after some time (hope so). Thank you for being here whenever
    I need any suggestion or support.

    Long time have not seen you, but I visited your book
    and saw the mayhem that you did. Just as I said there,
    you are a true inspiration for us all, and your traditional work
    is amazing. I am happy that you find my paintings interesting,
    I want to thank you for coming here and for sharing
    your thoughts.

    The LP Cult, haha, sounds nice. Well then,
    welcome to my cult, you will always be welcome.
    Grab your torch and enter the madhouse.
    We will sacrifice a huge breasted one.
    And the one on the toilet, definitely have to
    change her diet and to implement some fibers,
    very nicely said. Thank you for cheering me up.

    I try to work hard, but still I am being lazy most of the times,
    so I got a feeling that I am pushing myself only for around 50 or 60
    percent from the full power and capacity. My new tablet is definitely
    making me more motivated and is making me to paint more often.
    I am very happy that you like the toilet-scene, I was enjoying painting it.
    Thank you for your reply and for helping me all the time.

    Mrs. Spot;
    I am not the leader of the game project, but if I would,
    my setup would start in that corridor. The first encounter
    with a velociraptor would happen in that dark corridor.
    Imagine this; the player is unequipped yet, have no weapons,
    and he sees a velociraptor in the far away corner of the corridor,
    and then the beast start rushing on and wants to rip the players
    head off. All this is done in 1st person view. Then right on the middle
    of the corridor, where you see that empty box, there should be a fire
    axe. And the player have to get to the axe before the raptor, so he
    could defend and to chop the creature to pieces. Otherwise he would
    be a nasty brutal victim. I am glad that you like the environment,
    thank you for the support.

    I am happy that you think that my art has improved,
    that just proves that the time spent here on CA is a paying
    off. You are improving also, and I am very satisfied after what
    I saw in your sketchbook. Thank you for traveling along and
    for supporting all the time.

    I am glad you like them my friend,
    thank you for the reply and for the visit.
    More experimenting with lighting and 3D
    will follow in the future.

    There is absolutely no need to apologize for the absence,
    I am also often away, and we all have our everyday lives, and
    we cannot hang all the time on this board, not that I wouldn’t want
    that tho. I am trying to draw at least an hour daily and to paint digitally
    the same amount of time. That is only two hours daily, but it’s more than
    I did earlier, so it have to be an improvement. I feel happy that you like
    the environments and the pencil drawings, I have tried to do my current
    best on them. As for Wacom contacting me for licence, haha, yes they did
    mail me. Thank you for, you know, for everything.

    This new tablet has even a bigger surface than a regular
    A4 size. It’s just amazing, the feeling on working on it after
    the old one, is like changing from a vacuum cleaner to a spaceship.
    Thank you for da supp and for the kind words my friend.

    A 3D guru you are my friend, and your recent
    updates are so great, I just love to visit your work.
    Big thanks once more for coming here, viewing and for writing
    a reply. Glad that you like the environments, I saw that you
    also started to do some cabins and shacks in your book, so
    I recommend that you try Google Sketckup, it is very user
    friendly and easy to use. Thanks for the tips about the interiors,
    and thank you for being kind all the time. Cheers mate.

    There are some horrible accidents on the velociraptor victim page.
    Those are the soldiers that tried to tackle with some dinosaur kind
    of creatures, and they learnt they lesson on the hard way. Especially
    with that balls and legs one and the one which you think that is Lara Croft.
    I like the Croft idea very much. It opens some new ideas in my sick head.
    Ah, seeing her in various brutal situations, mangled by some beasts. Those
    are some things that I should try to render in the future. You know, I have
    played the first few parts of Tomb Raider also a lot. And I mean a lot.
    Thank you for the tips about the necromancer and the witch, I think
    that if I ever render some of those drawings, I will make the materials a bit
    more realistic and clearer. Damn it’s so hard for me to create materials
    with graphite pencil. Thank you for the detailed review, for the kind
    words and for your honest thoughts. You are like an angel in my dusty
    rusty old book.

    That drawing is pure gold that you let me to share here.
    The people that are visiting my sketchbook regularly are like a team
    members, and we work as a team. We share our thoughts and we
    always return the favor of the reply, and maybe what’s the most
    important is that we are trying to be active on this board
    as much as possible. So many pages already in my book,
    I think that time flies pretty fast by. Thank you for coming
    here once again my friend, and thank you for viewing my art.

    The mature experience was exactly what I was aiming for
    with the combination of 2D and 3D stuff. Thank you for
    visiting once again, and for motivating me to work
    even harder. Cheers.

    I like how Adolph is clapping there,
    thank you for sharing, and for supporting
    all the time.

    I would like to improve the quality of my
    environments even more, thank you for the
    positive words and encouragement my dear.
    And yes, Evil Jack will visit you pretty soon.
    At night. When you least expect it....

    Haha, they are far from epic, but I am
    glad that you like them. Thanks.

    Thank you very much for visiting my dear.

    I am doing a quest, a quest for finding an art job, I
    am trying to get hired somehow, somewhere,
    you know the story, everyone needs the money.
    I am far from a star, I am just a bum, haha
    that’s the truth. Thanks for coming here
    and motivating me to do an update.

    No problem for not visiting, I was also away too much,
    but I am glad that you are here now, and that you
    encouraged me with your kind words. Cheers my friend.

    Hahaha, Hero of the Day, I am happy that
    you like that, thank you for the visit.

    Oh man, you are definitely my strongest and most
    active supporter, I have no words, I think that there
    are no words for showing my gratitude.

    We lost contact with you for a while, but
    you appeared now, you appeared in a bright
    fashion, I am very happy my dear. I never
    played Dino Crisis, but I have played Resident
    Evil, so those two games are basically the same,
    except that in Dino you have dinosauruses and
    in ResEvil you have Zombies. I fancy more
    the Zombie variation honestly. Shitslopsion
    is going on, thank you for being here.

    Star Eater;
    Real Duke from NY is here once again.
    I did those rooms in an isometric fashion, cause
    I thought that it will be the most useful view for
    the game designer and modeler. Just a hunch.
    Thanks for the visit and for your input.

    You were away too long. Too long my dear
    friend. It’s good to see you back, I hope that
    you will stay and will not go away again, cause
    you know what I wrote in your book. Thank
    you for coming here and for cheering me
    up, cause a 24 carat gold is what you are.

    Thank you, glad you like some of them,
    sorry for the late update.

    Yeee, I was away too long, sorry cause of that.
    Thank you for coming here and for viewing the stuff.

    Sorry that I made you to climb all those sand dunes,
    and that I left you without any beer so long, I will
    try to make up things somehow. Please look below,
    I know it’s nothing special, but I had to do it,
    cause I started to feel embarrassed all these
    people visiting and me not updating.
    Cheers for da supp mate.

    Sin Eater;
    Uh, finally updates, long time passed since
    I did this, below, updates below ....

    I am happy you like them, hope you will
    be stick around for some more.
    Thanks for the visit.

    Hello there and welcome. I am very glad that you
    visited and that you found some of the environments
    interesting. Good to hear that you will visit again.
    Sorry for not replying your book yet. I will be
    there pretty soon, trust me. Thank you
    for the kind words my dear friend.

    I am happy you like it. Thank you for the
    encouragement, much appreciate it.

    I am finally here with some updates, sorry
    for keeping you wait so much. You are
    a very kind person for coming here and
    encouraging me from time to time.

    My laziness has grown a bit lately, sorry
    cause of that. Here are some humble updates
    below, just for everyone to know that I am
    still here. Thank you for helping me out.

    Updates finally, sorry for letting you to
    wait so much mate. He have to team work
    after all.

    No its not boring without me, it’s actually
    more nice and quiet. I really know how to
    ruin the general influence here. So sometimes
    it’s better without me. No harm happened to
    me thank God. I am here to put some updates
    together once again. Thank you for being so
    consistent with your support all the time,
    you are a true friend.

    I am here, sorry for letting you to wait.
    Thank you for supporting me in some
    of the darkest hours.

    I am happy that you are here my dear.

    I am posting today something, you
    were right, thank you for all your replies.


    Before writing or posting anything,
    I would like to say sorry for letting you wait so much to see
    some activity from me. I should have wrote something earlier,
    even if I had no worthy updates to share. I left this place for
    a few weeks. Oh, how irresponsible from me. I truly want
    to apologize because of all this.
    For those who were patient enough to wait and to come here
    from time to time to support me and to view my drawings,
    I want to thank you. I would really had no motivation
    without all of you. I would not draw and paint if I could
    not read all these kind words and replies that you wrote to me.
    I am truly blessed for having such good friends around me.
    Good times or bad times, you were always here to help me.
    40 days roughly from my last update. I feel so ashamed,
    I was neglecting art and this community for that time.
    When I saw the large amount of the support and replies
    I had no other choice, than to dig out some drawings
    and paintings and to make a decent update. This will
    turn into a daily job, I cannot let my friends down.
    We have to work as a team, and we have to evolve
    even more. I have tried to visit as many of sketchbooks
    as I could. For those who did not get a reply and visited
    my book, I will look to visit as soon as possible. Sorry
    for not doing this all earlier.

    A thought that came up in my mind first time in the last
    three years, since I am posting here. I was like, “what
    the hell am I doing here?” “I am too old for this thing”
    I mean there are a lot of fresh new talents here with their
    twenty three and twenty four years, and they look amazing,
    so why am I doing this? I feel like I am intruding to a playground
    which ain’t intended for me. Just a thought tho.

    The most non-creative version of me is when I sit in the evening,
    drink beer and browse the internet mindlessly. Doing nothing
    useful. I hate myself in those times. Days and days
    going by, doing nothing creative and useful.
    Sometimes there is a question in the subconscious mind;
    “should we stop doing art, and start watching movies and
    spend our whole day on facebook? Is it time to join the
    zombie nation? Cause it is much easier that way”

    Anyway, I have to stop talking and put up what I have
    to put up;


    Dino Crisis character concepts;
    Attachment 1474745Attachment 1474748
    Attachment 1474750
    Attachment 1474751
    Attachment 1474756
    Attachment 1474757

    ... more to come in a few minutes ...

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    Aaah, so nice to see an update from you!
    You really shouldn't worry about not updating for some time though,
    or not drawing for that matter, everyone needs a break now and then.
    CA is, after all, a place you should enjoy visiting and not something that
    feels like a duty. Not that I'm not glad seeing you post new stuff though!

    I feel caught now though, sitting here and browsing the internet drinking beer,
    while you write about wasting time and drinking beer... but oh well.
    We should drink one together one day!
    It is normal to have doubts about the purpose of spending so much time
    and energy without knowing what will come from it, I guess - at least it is
    something I know very well myself. As well as the discouragement
    that can come from seeing younger people draw and paint like gods,
    and the phases of self-hatred. But you yourself have come so far,
    you have such a unique art and style, you really should not overlook that!
    It's not time for you to give up yet, going on now will be worth the trouble in
    the long run. Allow yourself to take breaks and enjoy other things as well, though.

    Now, to your art! It's nice to see you have been productive
    So many interesting new design. Especially the weapons are so cool, I'd
    love to own one or another in reality! If I had to choose, I think I would take
    this one:

    Products of a Deranged Imagination

    I also like Regina, she seems to be a real powerwoman, so confident and sexy
    as she's standing there. She knows that nobody can hurt her.
    I'd rather have her as a friend, than foe!
    Those last animals are lovely too - you really are versatile, aren't you?
    Environments, awesome armour concepts, humans, animals... is there something
    you can't do?

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    This made my day so much better. Glad to see you posting.
    And i gotta say you inspire me a lot. It is never too late to make art. You sir are improving , please do not stop! You are never too old to do what you love to do!

    The latest updates are awesome. Love the rendering of the helmets and especially the armors. The weapons are looking good. You could try applying textures to make it look even better. Post mooore
    sense of purpose
    my sketchbook

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    You are drinking beer?!?
    Where have you been all my life?
    We should do it together one day, definitely.
    Having doubts about the purpose of spending so much
    time and energy without knowing what will come from it –
    you could not put that together better, I definitely like how
    you think and I admire your positive attitude. Your kind
    and encouraging words are making me to do things that
    I never did before. A very happy person I am cause I met you.
    The weapon that you highlighted, I have called it ‘The Devil’s Wrath’,
    and it will go as a present to you. You deserved it, you just do not kill
    any innocent soul with it. You are a special very kind person,
    thank you for everything that you did for me.

    Sin Eater;
    Hey-ho there my friend, your reply came so
    quick and sudden, I am so happy that I have such
    a strong support, and friends who I can always rely on.
    Thank you for the strong and encouraging words,
    and of course for the advice. Very happy I am now,
    thank you very much for showing up so quick.

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    I forgot to thank the
    people for letting my files to be hosted here and for tolerating me,
    and of course, I want to thank you all
    for visiting, supporting and for being here all the time.

    And I forgot to put on some music while you are here;

    Attachment 1474909Attachment 1474907
    Attachment 1474910Attachment 1474911
    Attachment 1474912Attachment 1474913
    Attachment 1474914Attachment 1474915
    Attachment 1474916

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