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Thread: Looking for critique, direction, and improvement

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    Looking for critique, direction, and improvement

    I've been a long time lurker, first time poster. Currently I work as a freelance illustrator, doing small projects, through conventions and internet communities.

    I'm hoping to get into concept design, as I'd love to see some of my monsters, environments, and ideas brought to life.

    So, I am looking to get some pointers on things I should focus on for improvement. Here are some examples of my work;

    Some random headshot sketches from my book, and attempting to draw a pre-unit Triumph, as based from several other parts of choppers that I like, making it my own.

    An older illustration I was commissioned for of a dragon relaxing in Carlsbad caverns. Having never seen the place, I went off of various rock formations.

    Here is a random drawing, which I don't do as often, although it's my favorite style. Mostly worked with Bic ballpoint pens.

    Older digital commission, but i feel its one of my better pieces showing off a setting, trying to focuses on the characters surroundings rather then the character itself.

    Recently I started getting away from markers and ink pens, switching to paint and ink quills. Here's a little painting of a fish that I started out on.

    Another painting of a couple of monsters eating people, people being one of my weak points. I do have a few facial studies that I'll post later on.

    These last few are digital concepts for different monsters. The first is nothing more than a nasty squid monster, inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.

    The second is a koi fish monster eating in the backroom of a sushi bar.

    Finally, a simple icon commission, which I really like the lighting of.

    I'd really like to break free from the freelance and get into this field of art. Any and all comments, critiques, or suggestions are welcome.
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    Overall, I see glorious linework and beautiful flow that's being held back a bit by anatomy problems.
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    The stuff looks good!

    My main recommendation would be that you enroll in some kind of figure drawing class and get in the habit of drawing from the model at least a couple hours a week, continuing for the rest of your life. Everything in representational art pretty much derives from drawing and painting the human figure, and the better you get at that the beter you'll get at everything else.

    The other thing I'd suggest is that you start developing a style that doesn't involve a hard black line around the edge of the form. That's fine for comics, but most conceptual artists represent the form with tone rather than with line.

    Just my two cents.
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    A hard black line is fine, I just think you need a whole lot more line weight variation when it comes to drawing figures.
    Anatomy studies, and lighting studies will help a lot

    I dig your fish monsters hard core!
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