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    Hi everyone. Longtime lurker, first time poster.

    I was wondering if ye good crowd would provide me with some sort of a critique when I post a quickpainting in this thread. I'm trying to maximize my efficiency so my clients don't have a reason to complain.

    So what I'm going for is industry standart art at affordable timeframes.

    This one took me around 3-4 hours. Still not fast enough I think. Could've been done in half the time probably.

    Thanks for any critique.

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    not quite sure what u mean by "industry standard artwork" when refering to this piece, I not being horrible but I think speed painting and trying to make ur process efficient when u still have a lot to learn is really a backwards practice, I think that if u spend the time learning and studying other images/life/masters work and just general practice will make ur workflow a lot faster without compromising on quality.

    Also a piece of advice given to me when joined here was, "it doesn't matter how long you took on a piece; that doesn't affect how it looks in the end anyway"

    The spaceship (i guessing its a ship) is very hard to recognise, I not even sure what it is, what way its traveling, or even what side of it I am seeing.

    basically I think that you need to practice more of the basics before you start "industry standart art at affordable timeframes." because this is not industry standard.

    study study study, lots of helpful information and fantastic art on this site, go and get an eyeful of it and practice ur basics

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    I think you have potential but the painting still has its problems.

    The composition is not good and uninteresting, it lacked depth and too much unnecessary details especially the clouds.
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    as said above, it lacks depth and anything terribly interesting or seem to be far more worried about the money and time side of this than the art side and that bother me a little bit.

    if you are in this for the money then you are in the wrong business, if you are impatient then you are in the wrong business, if you are unwilling to take criticism no matter what level of talent you have then you are in the wrong business. Believe me the best artists in the world are given criticism and complaints with all their work...its just how it works as the old saying goes, the customer is always right.

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    I like the texture of the hillside and the sky, but I think that I would be echoing ehat has already been said by the others in this thread - this piece lacks dynamics and feels a bit flat. The action is bland, and the spaceship is a bit unrecognizable as such.

    Did you do any thumbnails or other concepts before attempting to tackle this piece? Was this for a client, or was this a self motivated project? 3-4 hours for a full painting is quite quick, as well...

    As an aside, I'm not sure what kind of client would not be willing to pay for something that took you 10-15 hours as long as the quality is there. Most clients understand that, and if they don't it is your job to help them understand this. Quick paintings are usually used more for concepting or as a proofs for future work, and are rarely used as final work. I wouldn't worry about speeding up your process too much more unless you want to do 2 or 3 concepts in a day for a project. You don't want to get into the mindset that you can pump out mullitple finished paintings in a day, since you will burn out and the quality of your work will suffer. Work on the fundamentals, and the rest should come naturally.
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