House of Scratch, online gallery of surrealism and imagination is looking to award YOU $50! and show your work to the world at the Hang Man Gallery in Toronto, Ontario!

Ever been called weird? Working in an artistic style that might be considered surreal? House of Scratch is a new website dedicated to showcasing emerging talent in surrealistic, visionary, sci-fi, horror, psychedelic, esoteric, outsider, lowbrow and fantastic art and we bet your work would fit right in.

This month’s show features the work of William Butler, April Terra Livingston, Martin Blanco, Jay Garfinkle, Vox Pop Art, JT Burke, Brian Hutchinson, Mary Gutfleisch, Jessica JH Roller and Jinok Park.

The show is viewable for an entire month during which the online community will become Honourary Jurors. Based on their valuable input, the House of Scratch team will pick the “Best of the Best” artist in the competition. Each artist deemed “Best of the Best” will be offered a spot in our first physical group show along with a $50 cash prize and their own special page on House of Scratch. We’ve now got a series of fine artists and a venue to host the show, Hang Man Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. It will run from October 6th to October 25th and is really going to be something to see but we’re a couple of artists short. Want to be part of it?

Come, have a look at the current show at and tell us who you think deserves to be called “Best of the Best” by becoming an Honourary Juror. Or maybe you think your work deserves a place in the next show? Maybe it does. Please read Our Mission and Terms of Service statements. This show’s deadline is July 30th, 2009. Got questions? Contact us: .

House of Scratch is waiting for you!