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    Painter 8 Crashes... Ick, HELP PLZ

    Hey everyone! I'm a new poster to this board but I've been lurking for quite some time. I'm new to digital art and have ran into several problems with Painter 8. I've sifted through the posts but no one else seems to have this problem.

    When I first got it I had problems running it after a while because it wouldn't allow me to use certain paint brushes like acrylic and goauge. I also couldn't run the mixer. Everytime I selected the brush or tryed to mix in the mixer the program would just close out/crash, no save, nuthin'. So obviously this was a bit of a problem.

    After searching the forums for answers I came to think that maybe a bit of a memory/storage upgrade may be in order, even though I see that people are running this software with worst specs than mine. So I dropped about 180 bucks yesterday and boosted my RAM and added an 80 GiG HD to compliment the little 20 Gig I had before. Here's my specs. now...

    850 MHZ AMD Athlon Thunderbird
    3D Voodoo Prophet MX II 64 MB
    640 MBs of RAM(I think it's actually more but Windows is telling me this number in My CPU)
    Maxtor 80 Gig HD, 7200 RPM - Running Painter and Windows and all that stuff here... whole system is freshly formatted and new driver installed through out system.
    Western Digital 20 Gig - Using for MP3 Storage basically

    I think that's all the specs ya'll really need. So anyhow, I did all this and Painter seems to be working great thus far. My PC is blazing through multi tasks and stuff which is great but I can't use the mixer option in Painter. It crashes. LoL I'm kind of afraid that eventually the same problem will reoccur with the brushes. Any ideas? Anyone had this problem? What has fixed it?

    Thanks a bunch for your time.


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    mine crashes if its a big file ... if its a riff and is big .. or if i print from a big file .. not only does it crash it currpet my file .. real pain
    now i print from photo shop
    and i dnno but my laptop is 1 gig amd and i jsut tryed painter on there at 300 dpi pitcure and it soo suckded the bursh was a good 2 seconds infront of the paint compleetly unusable <vidcard in lap top is compleet shit though i htink 16 meg or some thign >
    but even on my home one i have 3.2 gig ht pent with a gig a ram and still some times ahve rpoblums with painter <crashwise>but it hasent happend in a while

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