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    Wasp Infractions and the Lounge

    Although this is partially an administrative post, I'm posting it here so people will be aware of the infractions system.

    Some of you may have noticed the little cards (red/yellow) on the right hand side of a person's post have disappeared.

    This is because I revised the system with the approval from Jason Manley.

    Those who still see the cards, moderators, admins, community helpers, will be able to use this system.

    Sometimes, the cases of banning may be too harsh or a system is needed to get people to take a time out. This is what infractions were designed for: a record keeping instrument so a user's history is on record. Guy was warned too many times for being rude? We got a way to record it. In addition, infractions help build up a set of punishments that can lead up to a ban or loss of privileges.

    I also wanted to give the Community Helpers some power in helping out the site too. Not all moderators or admins are around to take care of issues, so the infraction system gives them a bit of a hand to take care of issues and a record so that admins can review if the decision needs to be reversed.

    If you have access to the system - You simply need to hit the red/yellow cards of the post in question. It will bring up a menu on giving that person an infraction. If you just want to give a friendly warning, check the "Warning Box" on the right side of the infraction. Sometimes people are new and don't know the rules.

    The next thing about infractions is that they only work if you put the reason. So if you give a user one, put the reason, it will let the admins and other people who have access to the system know why this person received one.

    Arbitrary infractions are also available. This means you can put in a customized infraction with a certain number of points - just remember to put the reason.

    What does that mean to users:

    What happens if you receive one? Depending on the severity and number of points at this time - you can get kicked out of the Lounge and some of your posting privileges are revoked until the infraction wears off. If you really do some damage I also have set an automatic ban so that community helpers have the ability to ban you - provided they put in the reason. While these can be reversed. A good community helper has enough common sense to put in the reason the person got banned or received an infraction, so it's likely they won't.

    Just giving out a thanks to those Community Helpers that have put in a lot of time and contributed greatly towards the site. It's a small token of gratitude I suppose in putting this system in place, but I hope it goes a long way.
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