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    Thumbs up Have you seen Outlander yet?

    I just saw Outlander today and it's amazing. The disc also comes with some of the most extensive and amazing production art I've seen featured. It has CGI tests, sculpted models, props, costume/weapons/creature designs, and beautiful setting paintings.

    It's loosely based off Beowulf and blends sci-fi and the Norse setting wonderfully.

    The action is amazing and they actually take the time to develop the characters.

    I have a full review here.

    I was wondering, was anyone on here involved with it? The work was reminiscent of several artists I've seen before.

    Some of the concept art can also be viewed here, with links to behind-the-scenes and a making-of.

    I highly recommend this movie. It's got great action, CGI, and designs.
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    Seen it and enjoyed it very much. Yeah, it's a "B" movie but it's a really good one.

    Jesus + Vikings vs Predator = win.

    Edit: Imagine if "The 13th Warrior" hadn't sucked, it'd be this movie.
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    Yeah I just checked it out last night, actually based on this post. I also have to agree that yeah, while it is a "B" movie they did a really good job of making what they could do really shine. There were a few small points that kind of bugged me, but only kinda. There were an aweful lot of bare faces for Vikings. I also thought the monster was pretty bad ass, and honestly seemed like something from CHOW. Anyway cool movie, shame it's surrounded by so much Sci-Fi channel made for TV garbage.
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