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  • grue

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  • Clochette

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  • emerging

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  • blobs

    36 35.64%
  • benu

    4 3.96%
  • tschahri

    3 2.97%
  • ghoulio

    4 3.96%
  • Melis

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  • Jack Nugget

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  • Wazbot

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  • sojujoe

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  • sketchius

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  • Arthur 'Two Sheds'

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    C.O.W. #145 Comical Chimera -- VOTING!!

    C.O.W. #145 Comical Chimera!! -- VOTING!!


    C.O.W. #145 Comical Chimera!! -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Comical Chimera!!

    Deadline for the voting: Friday 12 June 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: Gumish

    Concept: Catmera cartoonus

    This creature is unsuccessful product of many years lasting research of military genetic laboratories. They tried to creat the most dangerous biological weapon the world have ever seen. Fortunately they chose wrong animals for mutating at the begining of the research. Cat, mouse and carp. These animals were chosen by the most powerful military computer SILLYCON2000. The final research report states that this wrong choice was caused by the burned electronic tube A51x. Nowdays Catmera is kept under oversight of the scientists who trie to find some use for it. Thanks to these events we can now sleep again at piece for some time.
    C.O.W. #145 Comical Chimera -- VOTING!!
    I think that this picture is quite out of the common cow pics. Maybe it is also out of the cow rules but in the other hand I think the word COMIC in topic allows anything

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    (My first cow entry, please be gentle )

    Artist: grue

    Concept: Dogeleskunk
    If there was a Hate Your Creator competition then it's a sure bet that the Dogeleskunk would be pretty high on the list.
    Whatever hicup of evolution gave birth to this poor creature we hope will never happen again.
    The Dogeleskunk has half the head and all the brain of a dog, the lower half of an elephant's head and the body of a skunk. Please dear reader, don't be quick to laugh on this sad and unfortunate animal.
    The brain of the dog has all the usual wiring that makes it capable to understand and proccess even the faintest of smells. Add to that the huge and more than able nose (known as "trunk") with its highly developed sensors. To complete the equation and feel endless pity for the Dogeleskunk we'll let you remember by yourself what makes skunks famous...

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    Artist : Clochette

    Concept : Deerelephantfrog

    How the Deerelephantfrog species survived through the ages is a real mystery, since they are the worst animal combination ever, despite their glorious ancestors. There's a heated debate amongst the scientific community, about wether or not the Deerelephantfrog has some lemur genes, which would explain the large size of their eyes. The ridiculous trunk is the strongest part of their otherwise weak body, allowing them to catch extremely dangerous prey, such as ants, larvae, and even fruits! These peculiar creatures are almost impossible to find in the wild, and it has been reported that their mating rituals are of the clumsiest ever seen in the animal kingdom. But if, by the strangest chance, you happen to encounter one of them, keep an eye on your food, because their fearful behavior isn't enough to stop their incredible appetite.

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    Sketchbook :: Blog :: Gorilla Artfare :: Prints :: my Etsy
    koppa says:
    i could kick an eggs ass if i wanted to

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    Artist: Emerging

    Concept: Buntoagger

    This little beast was bred at the Cole and Heins genetic breedhouse. It is designed for households performing three main functions. As you can see, it is a cross between a rabbit, a toad/frog and obviously a tiger. Therefore, it is a thing you can pet and cuddle with; it is a fierce creature with catlike reflexes that can scare off unwanted guests or wild animals; and it is simply a companion in cleaning up the house by snacking on spiders and flies. However, because of such versatility it often needs open-minded masters who don't mind the creature's split personalities and mood swings even about such little things as "to eat the carrot or not to eat the carrot..."

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    Artist: s.a.r

    Concept: squicockapig chimera

    The squicockapig chimera is a fearsome, monstrous beast from East Asian mythology, that was known to instill terror in any man who looked into its large, shiny squirrel eyes. The chimera was part squirrel, part pig, and part rooster. However, very little is known about this wild creature. According to legend, the gods strictly prohibited any acts of recording information about or depicting the chimera; doing so was associated with mortal danger, as it was believed that the chimera possessed the great powers of turning people into sticky, green goo, and munching them to death with its intimidating, half an inch long teeth.
    It is believed that the squicockapig chimera came into being as a result of a god losing a bet to another god over who could create the most pathetic creature in existence. The winning entry was man.

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    Artist: Blobs

    Concept: Potty Mouth

    Above the conical towers of the wizard Bumbole, flies a terrifying beast!
    Made from pig, bat and tiger, it is a fearsome sight indeed.
    It's breath weapon consists of various levels of danger.
    1. High speed pellets
    2. Sausage shaped splatters
    3. Baguette sized bombs
    ...... but the most feared weapon of all.. the ''Diarreeena Drop Slpash''

    Bumbole is very proud of his magically created creature that protects his home, he has named his beasty 'Potty Mouth'
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    Artist: benu

    Concept: Mu-Err Beast

    The Mu-Err Beast is also called "sluggish slothbat" due to its chimerical appearance. It clings to a tree with long, clawed sloth arms, covers its trunk with slime, and gobbles up all the foliage and then lets go, spreads its large leathery wings and glides to the next tree. The beast has two tactics to avoid predators: It tastes like old tennis shoes, and retracts its wrinkly head into its cerebral snail shell when it runs the risk of being eaten anyway, or gets poked with a stick by little boys.

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    Last edited by benu; May 31st, 2009 at 10:16 AM. Reason: forgot image

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    Artist: tschahri

    Concept: Zebocha

    Using it's amazing chameleon powers, the zebocha (a mix of zebra, boar, and of course, chameleon) changes it's colour to match it's surroundings. Well, truth to be told, it is only the stripes that do this, but still - and never mind the fact they mostly cover only the backside of this creature. Be it this perfect camouflage or just the fact that no-one wants to attack a 5 feet high pig, the zebocha can usually enjoy it's meal of tall grass in peace.

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    Emiel Inkeri

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    Artist: Ghoulio

    Concept: Rabagator

    The Rabagator(racoon/bandicoot/alligator), the biggest reason for lurking artist that have fallen for its lure, to never show up again....everrrr.....
    Or they just got wet by slipping in its pee

    Attachment 687221

    finally my first COW! Jeeeeeeehhhh...
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    Artist: Melis...

    Concept: Dinomera

    Appearing to be a bizarre mixture of Quetzalcoatlus, Tyrannosaurus, and Sabertooth Tiger, the Dinomera has inherited the most impressive features of it's brethren...Unfortunately none of the aforementioned features are properly functional. It's heavy canine teeth drag along the ground, unable to be elevated due to the Dinomera's thin neck, and while it features a rather impressive wingspan, the Dinomera is weighed down by it's gigantic hind legs. Only a few have ever known to have existed, and they were not known to be very happy.

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    Artist: Jack Nugget

    Concept: Rhineienrtler
    Rhineienrtler is a creature of the fables who possesses hearing of a hyena, the armor of a turtle and the force of a rino.

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    Artist: Wazbot

    Concept: Barraemupian

    The bizzarre barraemupian stalks its prey of insects through the tall grass near estuaries on its long emu like legs. As it has gills it can only hold its breath for so long, and must snare its prey using its scorpion tail before returning to its watery lair. The body of the animal is reputed to taste remarkably similar to burramundi, which makes it a fine catch for the brave...or foolhardy!

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    Artist: SojuJoe

    Concept: Orachno-swine
    Half orangutan/ Half spider / All Pork

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    Artist: acb

    Concept: the mighty chisnake panda wolf

    a rare species which is nowdays considered extinct was once dominated the raineforest jungles and legends were told about the mighty beast which seems to be a combination of a chicken a snake a wolf and a panda....fierce
    didnt had alot of time working on it but couldnt let it go so here it is (i know it could be better but i dont have anymore time atm ton invest in it )
    C.O.W. #145 Comical Chimera -- VOTING!!

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