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    Stupid Noob question...

    I just got painter 8, and I have a problem where every so often it doesn't allow me to paint. When i try, the arrow just becomes a paintbrush symbol. What am I doing wrong?

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    painting with certain brushes (especially the 'sun burst' tool) takes a long time with slower computers. sounds like your computer is taking time to do the 'action'.
    so you paint, nothing happens (because the computer is sruggeling to 'paint) and then you try to paint something else and because your computer is still trying to paint the first action, it ignores the latest.
    happens to me quite bit with 'heavy' brushes, and later on when theres lots of layers/infomation.

    what computer do you have? also, try cloesing other applications.

    hope this helps.
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    We'll need more information to be able to help:

    1. What brush category and brush variant are you using (specific names)?

    2. Have you made any setting adjustments to the brush variant?

    3. If so, what setting adjustments (specifically)?

    4. Are you painting on the Canvas or on a Layer?

    5. If on a Layer, is there existing color where you're painting, or are you painting on a transparent area of the Layer?

    6. In the Layers palette, is the Preserve Transparency box checked? If so, that will prevent painting on transparent areas of a Layer.

    In Edit > Preferences > General, you can choose what cursor you want to display. The default in Painter 8 is the brush shaped cursor.

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    Originally posted by Jin
    6. In the Layers palette, is the Preserve Transparency box checked? If so, that will prevent painting on transparent areas of a Layer.
    That's most likely it. He sounds like he's found the same thing i did. I changed this and it worked.
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