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    What to do, What to do...

    This is only marginally art related, but it's been a real pain in my ass trying to figure out what to do and I'd love to hear opinions on this and get a "what I would do in your place" perspective.

    Mostly I'm looking for further learning/drawing instruction in the UK. And I've gotta decide whether to stay in England or move back to the states. Ugh. Choices!

    PS. thanks in advanced for anyone who manages to get through this.

    Here's the scenario -

    New Jersey, USA native.

    Relocated to Los Angeles to do my undergraduate work. Sort of faffed around and "cheated" my way through the usual way (for shame) by relying on half-assed skills. Incidentally, I have a piss poor basis in fundamentals even if I have had some really amazing teachers along the way.

    Decided what I really wanted to do was make my own film to see if I had the stamina to see a project through from A-to-Z. I've a string of unfinished projects in my wake previously which is one of the reasons my current portfolio is piss thin. Anyway, relocated to Bristol, UK to attend the University of the West of England. Finished with distinction - yay? Managed to finish a project. Yay! But now...

    As the result of some thinking and upcoming decisions, I'm sort of working counter-clockwise and forwards-clockwise at the same time by re-evaluating my practice and trying to grasp the basics. I've been drawing from Bridgeman and trying to sketch constantly.

    Seem to be having some of the old trouble of finding a "focus". It's hard to know what to improve upon first and how to do it when you're not really sure where to start. I've got a slew of books I'm gradually digging my way through including Vilppu (yay!), Nicolaides (unsure), Betty Edwards (more for curiosity), plus the Walt Stanchfield lectures. Oh yeah....and a buttload of Massive Black downloadable tutorials. my shame I've never drawn a bouncing ball in my life.

    Now I have to figure out whether I stay in England head back to Los Angeles as there's no work available in Jersey. Makes things tricky...trying to work in animation when there really isn't much of an industry where you come from.

    So what do y'all think since I know there are people on CA from both UK and US. The opportunities to learn from artists in California seem much higher than in UK though maybe I haven't been here long enough to find them.

    But Los Angeles has...
    the G-word..., Art Center, Bob Kato's Drawing Club, Animation Academy, Glen Vilppu...etc. Plus a really thriving ASIFA community and loads of amazing CA artists I'd be willing to bake goods for in exchange for tidbits of gold. And pay when/if I can afford to. I am a damn good cook/baker by the way Probably better at cooking than drawing even if my food tastes better than it looks.

    England has...
    CA artists. No wildfires. And my gerbils - which incidentally are illegal to own in Los Angeles. NOT that there's anything wrong with England - I mean I live in walking distance from Aardman and adore Mark Taylor of A Productions. Really I reckon I just haven't been there long enough to really uncover and get to be a part of the arts community there.

    So...two cents from folks appreciated.

    All offers for lessons and advice accepted for perusal. Baked goods requests accepted. oh dear. bother these stupid big life altering decisions.

    and...done. ps. thanks again.

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    I am not one to give advice, I can only relate what I would do. Until I decide upon my course of action, I stay put. If I want to work as an artist {in a general way}, it really does not matter where I am. Not these days. If I desired to work in animation, I would be in L.A. Good luck

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