My name is Mark Price. I have put together a team of game developers from across the world to create a game. This project is also going to be sponsored by The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles. The team is now around 15 people, in 5 weeks or so, the game will begin its production phase and the team will immediately grow to about 70+ people. As tradition with The Art Institute, at the completion of every game industry professionals from companies like Activision, Eidos, EA Games, Etc., will come down to the school play and judge the game, and offer people jobs.

The game is called Blackened. This is the most large scale game that has ever been put together at the Art Institute. I am looking for some concept art pieces in the next 4 weeks, prior to the production phase. I can't offer any money, but I can promise that if your art is appealing, that it WILL have the opportunity to be shown to industry professionals, along with your
contact information.

Visit our site at

Please give us some good art, so I can get rid of the temporary art on the site.

If you are interested in helping, contact


(Also, we aren't looking for anything anime)