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Thread: Sherlock Holmes

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    Sherlock Holmes

    Well, the first trailer for Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes is out. I love Holmes, the stories are wonderful! Thankfully this movie will not take away my vision of Holmes and Watson, because I see no recognisable version Doyle's Homes in this trailer AT ALL! It's a different character all together. So I can watch and enjoy it knowing that this bit of bubblegum fun is as far removed from Sherlock Holmes as casting Eddie Izzard as a Nazi in 'Valkyrie'!

    And a YouTube version. The more I look at this I wonder what they were thinking. I mean the film may be fun on a viceral level, but Sherlock Holmes is Sherlock Holmes. If they wanted to make a Victorian James Bond character with drug problem (because it's so cool to emphasise that aspect of Holmes all the time isn't it?), then why not invent one! But then it's all about 'the franchise' isn't it. The fact you can glue anything you like onto existing properties and not have to think. Strikes me as lazy really... Harumph... bah humbug... etc... Rant over from cynical me.

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    no recognisable version Doyle's Homes in this trailer AT ALL!
    ha, no kidding! hrmmm...
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    It still looks like it's going to at least be a lot of fun, though. Not a bad cast, either!

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    Oh my god.... it looks horrible! I like Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. ... pity to see them in such a mess of a movie.

    Sherlock Holmes with... Giant Explosions... and slow motion fist fights = WTF?

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