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    C.O.W. #144 Cthonic Psychic Suckerer -- VOTING!!

    C.O.W. #144 Chthonic Psychic Suckerer!! -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Cthonic Psychic Suckerer!!

    Deadline for the voting: Wednesday 3 June 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: Razorleaf

    Concept: Cervello Scollo

    This dynamic creature lives among the subterranean caverns and tunnels where it reproduces at an enormous rate, laying up to several hundred eggs in a single nest. Many of the offspring fall victim to predators and starvation before reaching adolesence. Once they reach maturity, however, the chemical composition in their bodies alters, creating enhanced pyschic activity. The energy is effortlessly leeched from surrounding aminals and vegetation and is absorbed and stored directly into their bodies thus allowing these creatures the ability to travel great distances underground. Although relatively harmless if left alone, prolonged exposure to one of these creatures can cause an adult human to become seriously weakened which could result in a comma and eventual death.
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    CephallidPsychicSuccor AKA: Dream Eater :C.O.W. #144

    These dangerously psychic creatures were once believed to be gods themselves. But are actually deviant subservient animal scouts of the ancient Greek god Krohnos a god of the underworld and time, While being a cursed god , as with many other underworld Old Ones he was banished to an eternal slumber. But, even within this cursed slumber a few powerful Old Ones were able to maintain a power hold of sorts on our world. Through dreams and psychic powers they are able to summon and control certain allies and beasts to serve them as needed. The Dream eaters are some of these for Krohnos. Through their eyes and thoughts he sees the world and acts as he wishes. Whether under his control or not, they appear within and traveling throughout the astral plane and coming into ours ( Some believe they come from the Famed Dreamland). While in our prime material plane they appear and attack and hypnotize human pray. They delight in mesmerizing a victim to sleep , then feeding on their dreams and psychic energy. They can control our dreams, and turn them into nightmares. In some cases , they leave you in a vegetative state or permanently leaving the victims in a dream state (Comatose). Pray you don't meet one of these, in your waking ,or dream state.

    C.O.W. #144 Cthonic Psychic Suckerer -- VOTING!!
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    He likes pornography, cigarettes and television. He wishes you would reconsider graphic design. He thinks you shouldnt be so hard on yourself. He lives in the only forest in Hell. He lives alone in this forest. He once murdered over 600 artists, philosophers and muses in three days. He is deeply fond of the Wayans brothers. You wouldnt remember him, but you have met before. Perhaps you recall the first half of that dream, maybe even a glimpse of him. That was the time he smothered your masterpiece in it's crib. He has done this three times so far. He will do it again. Because the Creation experiment must end. And because he hates you. He hates you so fucking much.
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    Artist: HugeHarHar

    Concept: Skuddlebutt

    "No really! I am psychic! It's just that a Skuddlebutt suckered my powers! Come back tomorrow and I'll read your palms again, and no refunds. Seriously though, watch out for Skuddlebutts. They slurp up your inner essence and they say they make men bald too." -Gypsy Palm Reader
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    Artist: Nichols

    Concept: Immersed Platoon (IP) Crab

    Lying dormant for up to a decade, the Immersed Platoon Crab is one of the most patient, calculative and sinister species of crab found by man. Waiting in suspended hibernation just below the surface, it acts upon slight surface tremors when attacking its prey. Unleashing 6 inch barbarous claws on its back and head deep into the limb of its unsuspecting prey it then proceeds to drain the body dry of blood while acting as a bio-symbiotic heart for its victim. The IP crab is also the only known species believed to psychically communicate with all surrounding IP crabs to help overwhelm its prey while they burrow the corpse underground to be slowly digested alive. Victims have been found over a week and a half later, still conscious yet immobile and unable to communicate due to the horrifically sustained torture endured.

    Discovered in the late 21st century in the sandy shores off of eastern Australia they have all but decimated the once thriving surf community, rendering the Australian beaches as treacherous wastelands where only the bravest and foolhardy of professional surfers dares to tread.
    Adam Nichols
    Concept Artist


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    Artist: CamSyko

    Concept: Hades Bug
    The Hades Bug.
    Named after it's demonic and hellish appearance resides mainly underground. During the darker hours of the day it will surface and wait in trees and the undegrowth, and even in water much like a leech. But this creature doesn't just draw blood. This creature draws brain tissue and in turn can control the mind of it's host. It prefers to attack creatures of higher intelligance that it can detect with it's 'psychic' eye on it's back. It has an exteremely sharp sucker mouth that can chew through bone with the aid of digestive liquids. While it's tentacles and legs keep a firm hold of it's victims. Violent chimpanze behaviour has been attributed to the presence of this creature.

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    Artist: Gumish

    Concept: Submineus scholaris

    Almost everyone has an experience with heavy fatigue and inattention. Of course students know this feeling very well. Few weeks ago workers repairing sewerage under one school in Europe found cavities under classrooms. After the short tracking the tunnel led them to this creature which was hidding in depth of 50metres under the ground. This depth it leaves only when it is hungry. The creature feed on sucking the alphawaves of young people's brains that is why it stay near schools and universities. In the close contact with the adult it isn't dangerous.
    C.O.W. #144 Cthonic Psychic Suckerer -- VOTING!!

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    Artist: Blobs

    Concept: Planar Drainer

    Floating between planes of existence, the Planar Drainer searches for sentient beings to feast upon.
    Never quite in view, the Planar Drainer could be the shadows or movement that you see out of the corner of your eye. When you turn to look there is nothing there.
    It's tentacles and feelers are brushing your mind, feeding on useless thoughts and memories, but also draining the mind of the capability to remember and think.
    Slowly but surely over the years the victim becomes subject to mental illness.
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    Artist: Icecold

    Concept: Thrott
    Thrott is an ancient creature, rarely seen bu human beeings. It constantly awaits high in the tree tops, when it smells CO2 which comes with every animals breath, he falls down on it's victim tightening it's limbs around the neck. After that it injects the neuro-toxin which paralizes the vicitm and makes it easy for Thrott's to devour the brain by sucking it out.

    (I strongly recommend viewing the HI-RES here, it's weight makes it impossible to upload via attachment manager )
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    Artist: Sclark

    Concept: Psychoslug
    Patiently it lies in wait underneath the earth of campgrounds and wooded areas, waiting for unknowing campers or animals to rest their heads to sleep. Although it does no physical harm to its prey, they may find themselves missing a few thoughts the next morning. Lets hope its not anything important.
    Last words are for people who didn't say enough when they were alive.

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    Artist: Chronoperates

    Concept: Hereset

    The hereset is a nocturnal creature who burrows underground using its long hook like claws during daylight hours to protect its pale skin from sun damage. Its feathery regions serve as a cover that can flatten out to protect its skin from the sun should it come to dire circumstances, and also serves to pad certain areas while it burrows and rests underground.

    It has evolved past the need for eyes and in their stead it hunts via a heightened perception of electromagnetism, enabling it to pick up on the brain waves of nearby prey. It uses a hood of tentacles to suck on to the head of its victim while also using its hooks underneath their collarbones to keep a strong hold as it gnaws its way into their skull and devours their brain.

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    Artist: DaveNeale

    Concept: Gripper-suckerer

    A creature that lives under the above: digging, tunnelling, and rising unexpectedly to feed on the thoughts of the unsuspecting. It uses it's legs to excavate, but also grip's any victim with these strong appendages, once in place, sucking on their tasty musings. Dangerous! Keep away!

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    Artist: JHofferle

    Concept: Mind Centipede

    The journal of Augustus Gryffon contained all manner of creatures discovered by the explorer. It was no coincidence that his eccentric behavior began around the same time he came across what he called the mind centipedes. Recent medical science has concluded that the growing larva in his brain tissue was responsible for his psychosis.

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    Swellzombie's Cthonic Psychic Creature

    Artist: swellzombie
    Concept: Cthunth Worm

    One of many creatures that are birthed from a greater Cthuthian creature that produces various offspring fit for gathering psychic energy.
    This leech-like creature works as a receiver and carrier of psychic energy. The worm finds a host rich in psychic energy. I first latches itself to the host, using it’s upper and lower tentacle-like areas. Protruding from the opening at its head are psychic sensitive mandibles that extract bio-electrical energy. It receives energy through the bulb located at the center of its frontal orifice. That energy is then held in glands on either side of its upper body. Once enough energy is received, it leaves the host alive or dead then returns to its “mother” and unloads its found energy. After unloading its energy to the “mother” the rest of its organic matter is then reabsorbed and recycled into another Cthunt worm.

    Attachment 680440

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