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    Aw man, I totally blanked on this one! I wonder if I could pull something out by... 2pm Pacific... Ugh. It was such a good topic too!


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    I've wanted to participate in this Chow all week but didn't have the time .... but I woke up this morning and thought I'd see how far I could get in a day anyway.
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    So i decided to make some critiques as it is popper and decent

    Adam Schumpert - that's a nice idea , but it has many anatomic problems and perspective problems , for instance , the lower part of the body is to big in proportion to the other half , and even if he is in perspective , leaning back on the counter , his body cant possibly be that small, his busted shoulder looks to big compared to the other one with looks normal

    Marco Mazzoni - the shot is very good and dramatic , but is less character and more horse belly

    NicHolS - nice , i see you put lots of time in your composition and that's really interesting and nice, but somehow you didn't put to much attention on your character , haha he looks like that old country singer that i don't know his name, or that guy from ghost rider, nice feel there , more attention to the character!

    Johann de Venecia
    - nice piece there m8 , like the colors ,like his looks , one thing though , heel too too far away maybe you should have brought him more in front , i mean he's the center of interest , but he's to far away , and now he's just part of the nature

    YihyoungLi - lol , why the hell is he a hippie , the character is positioned at the beginning of xx century , no hippies then "And bare in mind he is now part of the early twentieth century."

    openanewworld - man , looks good , clean , same as Johann de Venecia , maybe you should have brought the character closer to see what he's about

    Tommoy - more attention on anatomy , and the material of cloth and how it raps around the character , so far it feels fluffy and soft

    - still waiting to see what you have for us m8 , so far i like it , and even though the character is character and horse , it really kicks to the front

    posh - don't you have enough chows on the shelf as it is , haha , can't wait to see what you bring to the table

    Phaethon - damn it man! he has a mini cannon in his hand , that gun is to big , his face in kinda messed up (anatomically speaking) , and the shadows , don't quite fit the scene

    cheers to all and good luck , may the best "character" win
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    Hey guys, just a head's up.

    Poll will be delayed tonight by at least 4 or five hours. I forgot it was my dad's birthday today so I have to take him out to dinner. So enjoy the short extension!

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    I figure while the poll is delayed I'd also post my finish up here. Any and all comments and crits are welcomed.
    Everyone's work looks great!
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    ok now.....clarification time.....
    marco, my apologies about this man. your chow is with a big ol hat, coat, belt and cane pimp.
    my reaction was more towards illos like openanewworld (and might i add is also a great illo)
    you wouldnt know the dude was badass without the background
    you would think that he was just a drunk washed up cow boy on a horse.
    because of the fire you now think, damn this mofo has some skill even drunk.
    thats an example of the bg helping fill out the brief(or add to the character)

    also.....the illos that exploded out of peoples heads are wonderful. i meant to compliment the artists who can rock that hard and fast and push the rest of us to step up.
    by no means should the chow be changed(my opinion)
    the other thing i ment to say is that; I feel like this is one of the only competitions on this thread in which the original idea of chow evolved into something wonderful all because of the drive the artists participating. they gave life to a wonderful community of artists striving to become the best they can.
    So keep pushing, keep rocking, and keep creating!

    Kugu, rumor has it your art doesnt suck
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