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    Timeline of things to do to Improve.

    hello, so i have been drawing seriously since Late December 08 and i have improved somewhat but i don't think i'm where i should be right now. I still cant draw human figures comfortably and i am weak in painting. I feel that i'm good with still life sketches and still life studies but other than those i need improvement.

    I recently got Bridgman and Hogarth books, and i have started studying from the Constructive Anatomy book. I sometimes go on and do studies there, however... i feel that i'm going sluggishly in some aspects.

    What should i try to accomplish on a daily basis to improve? Summer is just a week away --I will be taking summer classes 8pm-1-- However when i have a chance to draw what are some things i should do.

    + are their any good sites for nude models to study?

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    You're worried that you can't draw a figure comfortably after 5~ months of serious drawing?


    It sounds like you're studying the right things, so the only thing to do is just work, work, work. Practicing is really the way to improve your technique. Practice long enough and you're bound to get good. So just keep at it.

    Oh, and in case it isn't already in your library, study the Loomis books (and read all of them).

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    For Bridgman, start with his "Life Drawing". Make the little wooden mannequin he describes.
    for nude photos

    What is the right thing to do?

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