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Thread: Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings

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    Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings

    For four years now, my friend and I have been working on our little pet project Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings. We are on chapter 4 and have 145 pages already. But I do know the story, art, format still needs work and I am open to suggestions. I have plans to redo the comic and publish the redux, the current comic is experimental and is a learning curve for me. You do not have to read the whole thing, if you could look at the most recent pages and give me some insight, that would be greatly appreciated.
    I am looking for some tough critiques, I really want to improve, I really want this comic to be good. I think its good because I'm bias, but I have the feeling that I could do this better.

    Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings Selsa Chronicles: Healer on Feathered Wings

    I started doing the comic in color in the beginning and since I'm still pretty novice when it comes to digital painting, it would take a long time to finish a page. It got to a point where I wouldn't want to work on it. But I found that I would draw the comic page rather quickly- so I decided to keep it black and white, paint it grayscale- and it would be done in a matter of a couple hours. I want to continue to the story and I'll practice digital painting on the side.
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    I've seen comic pages get coloured in using flat channels that have been prepared.
    It makes for easy selections while painting colour on a new layer.
    Both coloring linearts though, but still a nice look into one process. It might
    spark a few experimental directions. If you're already in the know, then you've just wasted 10 seconds of your life reading this. And this. And this.
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