this is an old concept i did for one of those DSG's

I want to redesign it so it's more practical. it's based off the akira gangbikes and the dodge tomahawk( here's what i want it to do....

  • Topspeed 350 mph
  • Accerlication: 0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds
  • Max Engine Speed: 6500 rpm
  • Very high speeds on gravel and broken concerte
  • Enough 'coushin' to land from eh... 10feet while going 300mph without having damage to the bike

I know NOTHING really about bikes. I know it needs whells and a seat.... and headlights. I don't know what the shape of a powerful engine would look like... i don't know where and how the whells need to be set either..

Basicly i want to design a highspeed dirtbike that can be used for unpractical combat.