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    Warning sketchbook may be volatile...!

    Ok, the background story.

    Im 19 and living in the UK, i have done GCSE art and A-Level art.
    I wanted to go to an arts school but as my parents were paying i had no choice in the matter really. So now i am at the University of Gloucestershire studying "Interactive Games Design". Its pretty fun it deals with photoshop, 3D, video editing, animation and a bunch of other technical stuff.

    Anyway i just finished my first year at the uni and achieved 4 A's. I now have 4-5 months off and i am determined to draw everyday as much as i can to improve.

    Alot of people have tried to force me away from art into a more "stable" career path, and because of this i have had a real fear of failure so i have a tendancy to stick with what i know or avoid anything new in my art.

    I hope that this sketchbook will provide me with alot of usefull feedback and suggestions for improvment and well i hope i dont look like a noob too much ^^.
    Basically i decided that no matter what it takes i am going to suceed, i will become a great artist one way or another and i am dedicating ALL my free time to improving

    Ok, so first are some 30-60 second gesture studies,then some cloth studies, then theres some portrait and figures studies, and then some random concepts.
    Most of this stuff is from the last month, i aim to update this sketchbook dailyish.

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