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    Question Best UVW unwrap program/plugin for 3ds Max or Maya?

    Anyone know what is currently the best UVW unwrap program/plugin for 3ds Max or Maya? Preferrably something that can do the unwrapping automatically and well for human character models. So that I can go from finished model to painting textures with little or no effort in doing the UVW unwrap myself. Thanks.

    BTW: If without a seperate program/plugin, is 3ds Max or Maya better for UVW unwrapping?

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    I haven't done 3d work for over a year now.. so things might have changed. I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but taking the time to learn how to unwrap the models yourself would benefit you much more. And its really quite easy once you understand how it works. Once you know the basics, you have a better base for using automatic mapping tools like pelt mapping, since those methods usually require some touchups after the automated process is done.

    This is assuming you're working towards prerendered models. For real-time ingame stuff you basically HAVE to learn unwrapping, since wasted uv space in the texture is memory thrown out the window.

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    you could try roadkill

    i agree with slash though, better to do it yourself, if you arent sure plenty of tutorials about

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    I'm a 3D geek myself, and I use UNfol3D for my work...

    you should check it out!
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    Headus UVlayout works great for organic 3d models, low or hi res.
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    i just heard of unwrella. how does that compare?

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