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    C.O.W.#143 Arctic Juggernaut of Death -- VOTING!

    C.O.W. #143 Arctic Juggernaut of Death!! -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Arctic Juggernaut of Death!!

    Deadline for the voting: Monday 25 May 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!

    3. No voting for your own entry!!! If a participants votes for his own entry, every member has the right to call him a stupid lame moron in this thread! And i will delete his/her vote anyway...
    4. The poll is public and everyone will be able to see who votes for whom. No self-votes.
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    Artist: Wixxi

    Concept: Nordic Mantle Rat
    The Nordic Mantle Rat is used to living in the stormy landscapes of the coldest places on earth such as the North and South pole. They move only at night and during heavy snowstorms for their light absorbing mantle and dark skin give them exelent camouflage. They also have very lightsensitive eyes used to the dark. With their long arms and legs they can run at high speeds and because they are so big they have no problem what so ever moving over obstacles or through shallow water. For the icy wastelands are very short on food they have developed perfect hunting skills. With their enormous teeth they literally crush their prey mostly swallowing them at once. By humans the mantle rats are referred to as the moving coats for they look alot like a moving rock wearing a furry coat. But don't be diseaved by its somehow furry cute look!
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    My final. Wish I had more time but alas...
    Known to the locals as the Yos'haa, the Tundran Krango is a rarely seen and even more rarely reported upon. Being so large, the Yos'haa needs to live and hunt on the more substantial ice masses. Living primarily in caves and only venturing out at night, its primary food source must be anything nocturnal and anything smaller than itself.
    Incredibly strong and fast, the Yos'haa can move at speeds up to 40mph in a prey chase lasting about 5 miles.
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    Artist: Evil Comrad

    Concept: Furiosaur

    These dinosaurs feast on pinguins and bears. They are 3 times the size of a full grown bear.
    Although their fur is brown in a white landscape and their only camouflage is their light grey skin, they move fast and are the second biggest creature there.
    The blue hard bone on their head and on their arms are sensors that make them aware of the warmth of body temperature so they can feel whenever a living being is coming nearer.
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    Artist: Teundeboer

    Concept: Steve
    A beast taller than mountains, and with a serious addiction to meat. It strands around the arctics looking for anything juicy and tasty, such as a family of Eskimos.

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    Artist: Icecold

    Concept: Ancient Giant Sea Clam
    This creature, is hidden under the iceberg for almost all the time, it lures it's victims with a wonderfull blooming flower, it shines so bright that it can be seen from miles. When the pray gets near it, it's already it's end. Powerfull electricity bolt stuns even the hardest and most resilient creature's. Those who lack the streanght to survive it, die instantly. Then the Giant Clam of Doom emerges from undearneath the iceberg to grab his dinner with his powerfull tentacles and put it into the infinite darkness, what happens there noone knows, and i warn you don't even dare to try out!
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    Artist: Nadiamoon


    Holodno is a monster from the White Sea shore. It can pretend being iceberg hiding in the waters of the sea or deep snow. Holodno is wild, but trainable if adopted when it's young.

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    Artist: Jangles

    Concept: Arctic Angler

    Arctic Anglers are a colossal serpent-esque species that lurk in the snowy darkness of the Siberian Wilderness. They are named for their odd mode of predation, in which a fleshy growth extends from the beasts head and acts as a lure. Rarely seen by humans, the Angler dwells underground. The creature only comes to the surface once it's time for feasting.

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    Artist: Nichols

    Concept: Valtoittaur Tortoise

    Long believed extinct, the Valtoittaur Tortoise is a distant relative to the giant tortoise and is the largest and most aggressive of this reptile family. Often mistaken by many mis fortunate arctic explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries the Valtoittaur will often lay dormant hidden under layers of ice and snow waiting for signs of warmth of unaware passers by. They can range in size from 10 to 20 meters in height and are often mistaken for ice caps and ice shelves until they charge their prey. These animals belong to the most ancient group of reptiles, appearing about 250 million years ago. Only 8 individual cases have been documented in recent history since their rediscovery and all resulting in extremely violent encounters with up to 35 known fatalities in total. This single photo is the only known evidence to their existence and many experts still are skeptical of its authenticity.
    Adam Nichols
    Concept Artist


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    Artist: Tommoy

    Concept: Ice Wolf
    Summoned by the great Eskimo Kaiser Irban the Arctic Ice Wolf wiped out the entire penguin population on the frozen plaines of Woob Waan. Just because the great Kaiser thought penguins walk stupid.

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    Artist: RETEP

    Concept: Corithous

    Corithous was originally thought to be a god, protecting the untouched regions of the arcitc. Corithous is a highly territorial creature, anything crossing its strictly defined borders will immediately be attacked. There is believed to be groups of Corithous, but no one has been able to penetrate their borders.
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    Artist: HugeHarHar

    Concept: Rexious!

    A massive near pre-historic relic still hunting in the frozen northern waters. The creature's rocky like head enables it to crash through frozen waters and smash any food it may come across.

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    This creature has no name. It has only been seen a few times. It smells ships and towns from miles away, using it's tail to swim under the ice. It uses the spikes by it's eyes to crack the ice and devour anything there.

    PS this is my first entry..i hope it's ok enough to be submitted.

    C.O.W.#143 Arctic Juggernaut of Death -- VOTING!
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    Artist: Scorge

    Concept: Whitehead
    Spending most of its time in the frozen waters off the arctic coast, the Whitehead Juggernaut hits the shore at full speed, destroying everything in its murderous path.
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    In the white icy deserts of the arctic this creature is known as RAGE DEMON or the Arctic juggernaut. These are the name by which it is referred to in the legends of the Arctic. The creature knows no exhaustion due to the excessive pumping of adrenaline. The production of fatigue toxins is extremely less in its muscles- giving it extreme stamina, speed and strength. But the drawback is that it has an extremely fast metabolic system. So whatever it eats gets digested almost completely and very fast. Hence it has the urge to keep feeding. This monster can run for hours on end with ever increasing speed. Another awesome feature are the super-dense horn like bony protrusions that are arrayed all over its head and shoulders and that adorn its elbows,joints and the tip of its powerful tail. All these features and its awesome strength combined are the reason why its called the Arctic juggernaut. It can achieve extremely great speeds and thanks to its great strength and bony armor can crash through most obstacles. It has been known even to have bored right through icebergs. It is the supreme predator of the Arctic. It knows no fear and takes down animals far larger than itself thus doing justice to he name JUGGERNAUT.

    C.O.W.#143 Arctic Juggernaut of Death -- VOTING!

    This is my first time in C.O.W. I kinda posted my final image with concept in the COW WIP thread yesterday. Hope I am not too late in posting it here now.
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