To sum it up, I have two choices. Find an apartment with two friends in Chicago and attend the American Academy of Art or go to the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. In Chicago, I've been accepted, I would rack up a huge amount of debt from the fours years studying Illustration. In Poland I have my aunt, uncle, and even grandma to stay with, cost would be that of a community college, still four years. I know how to do everything Polish wise, I just cant write it. The programs don't seem that well thought out. I guess I would go for painting.

If I don't like it over in Krakow, I guess I could always come back here a year later and start this school, I can't do that vice versa because of the student loans. I just need some advice, especially if anyone knows how good the school in Krakow is. I wish I could communicate through forums with people but I can't write in Polish. :/