Hey guys i don't know if i'm breaking any rules here, but after literally HOURS of looking through the history on my computer and striking out i'm desperate.
Sometime in the past month i saw an artist here, and i either clicked his/her sketchbook, or their icon next to their name and visited their homepage.

It was an artist that had a very comic book style and had a bunch of logo for haockey teams that i believe he made up, (or were perhaps local teams that i don't know of)

A LOT of his art was hockey and logo related if i remember right, and very well executed.

My friend is doing a project for school (something with sports management) and i told him about this guy and i think he wants to contact him to hire him to make a logo, (i guess presentation counts for extra and he wants to blow them away)

I hope i'm not breaking any rules, i just really wanted to try to find this guy again and get his contact info for my friend.

(if i remember right his avatar was a close up of a hockey players face from a 3/4 angle of his left side...i think there was a lot of red and blue...but i could be wrong)