Art: A painting a day in Boston, MA

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    Boston, MA

    A painting a day in Boston, MA

    My goal this summer is at least 250 oil sketches, with a time limit of 3 hours each. Everything is either from life or a master copy from a photo reproduction. All frames are currently photoshopped except #4--not enough money, and I'm waiting for something to come along that actually deserves one In chronological order:

    1. May 2nd, marble still life 5.5 x 11"

    2. May 3rd, plein air sketch at Boston College 8.5 x 10.5"

    3. May 4th, copy after William Etty from The Artist's Model, by Martin Postle. 5.5 x 11"

    4. May 5th, abalone shell 6 x 8"

    5. May 7th morning, pine cone 6 x 8"

    6. May 7th afternoon, plein air looking outside from my window 20 x 24"

    7. May 8th, view outside window 6 x 8"

    8. May 9th, Mother's Day roses 5.5 x 11"

    9. May 9th afternoon, copy after Ted Seth Jacobs from his book, Light for the Artist. 8 x 10". So far it appears that if I don't drink coffee and/or mountain dew, my brain turns to mush, and a 3-hour sketch balloons to a 6 or 8-hour one because I will make 10x more mistakes and dumb decisions.

    10. May 10th afternoon, Sophia 8 x 10".

    11. May 11th evening, copy after Rembrandt from Rembrandt's Eyes by Simon Schama, 6 x 8"

    12. May 12th, marble still life second attempt, in daylight 6 x 8"

    13. May 16th morning, Gary 20 x 24" (cropped)

    14. May 16th afternoon, Anthony 8 x 10"

    15. May 20th clamshell interior 8 x 10"

    16. May 21st copy after Greuze's portrait of Sophie Arnold 8 x 10" ~8 hours

    17. May 22nd 5.5 x 14"

    18. May 22nd 5.5 x 14"


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    Gl in your Oils! You may want to upload smaller files , scrolling and still not being able to see the entire image means its way to big.

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    6 is my favorite of the landscape ones. I believe you need to work more with your edges, such as in the last one; the colors work, and the composition is very nice but everything is too hard edged. now this isn't to say that you have to make all the edges softer, because some of those hard edges are quite yummy, just try to make them softer as they get farther from the center of focus.

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    Really got off track, haha This one is 8.5 x 10.5". Made a lot of progress after the first 3 hours, and today an additional 3 hours was spent refining areas.

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