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    don't you hate...

    ....when you start a painting, everything start out fine, nice sketch...and then everything halts, slows down, takes a lot of time, isn't working....and you got a deadline....

    uahh, damn irritating....
    (just blowing off steam)
    My work as a tattooer

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    I usally start with a good sketch, then a good start, then everything screws up.

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    I usually (think I) have a great idea in mind and get started but since my schedule's so insane, I have to save after too short a session and pick it up where I left off later. Then I see how unfinished it is when I go back and since I my schedule is nuts, I get overwhelmed and leave it on my hard drive to collect dust.

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    Drives me carzy, I spend hours and hours chasing the pixels, trying to get a straight line, to no avail. Now I find out that the colors in the pictures I post here are far brighter than they look on my monitor. lol Probably because I have an old 14 inch monitor. I think I should go back to painting the old fashioned way!

    And btw, how in heck do some of the people here run off an painting in 1 or 2 hours? And the result is fantastic! What do they do take a speed painting course?! lol
    Art gives me a life of extreme challenge, frustration, accomplishment and contentment. Nothing less will do!

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    That happens to me all the time. The worst part of freelancing is when I have to wait for the art director to reply to my email and it takes a few days. When he finally replys most of the time im totally uninspired to continue working on the sketch since i have done ten or more new ones i much rather work on. I just have to focus on the task and do it on routine.

    Oh well, it´s still better then a "real" job.
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