Project name: Edward Usher

Brief description: Edward Usher is a video game follow-up to Edgar Allan Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher. The game is a 2D platformer with puzzle and adventure elements. In the game, players control Edward Usher, a man who has returned home in order to find a way to break the Usher family curse.

Although Edward Usher is a 2D platformer it will try to set itself apart from similar games by concentrating on four key elements.

1. Story Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher. From that origin point the story of Edward Usher will be humorous and light hearted with a slightly dark twist.

2. Unique and Colorful Art Design. With regards to art direction Edward Usher will strive to stay true to its gothic roots while infusing the genre with vibrant yet subtle color. Inspiration will be drawn from films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

3. Puzzle and Adventure Elements in a 2D Platformer. Edward Usher will incorporate puzzle elements that are based on PC point-and-click adventure games. These puzzles will be based on tools that the player must find and utilize.

4. Dual Dimensions. At certain points in the game Edward will be able to travel between the world of the living and the spirit world. This alternate dimension allows players to bypass some of the more difficult puzzles in the game by using brawn over brains.

Target aim: It will be targeted for release on PC and Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Community Games.

Compensation: We're not looking to make money off this and the position should be considered volunteer (we're aiming to release the game for free on PC). What we are looking to do is get experience and a game under our belts. Since we would like to release on Xbox Live Community Games (which requires us to charge something) any money gained will be divided among all team members who stay with the project until the end.

Technology: We are flexible, but currently we have plans to use Torque X 2D and the XNA Game Studio to create the game.

Talent needed: 2D or 3D animator. Experience with 2D platformers or side-scrolling games a plus. We were looking at using Torque X 2D as the game engine but are flexible to other solutions as long as they allow us to publish to Xbox Live Community Games/PC. If you're a 3D animator you'll have to be able to render in a cel-shaded style that works within the limits of a traditional side-scroller.

Team structure: We are a small team containing four members. I'll be handling the background art (you can see samples below), we have a game designer, a talented music composer who can assist with programming, and a lead programmer on board. We would like to keep it a small team of creative folks eager to express themselves and to support each other in their shared goal to make games.


Game Art: