Sketchbook: Katanasoul- Really needs help with colour...
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Thread: Katanasoul- Really needs help with colour...

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    Katanasoul- Really needs help with colour...

    Hi, my name is Sarah or Katanasoul on most art related communitys. I started with manga themed art in 2003 and did that for quite a while.
    But eventually I started realizing that I wanted to become better at drawing and I wanted to learn how to paint. To me that meant that I had to practice more.
    My best friend avisnocturna told me that conceptart´s a great community, so I thought I could give it a try, even though I´m still afraid I might not be good enough to be here.
    I´m trying to become more professional over time and work a lot to get there. I appreciate if you help me becoming better by giving advice or just stopping by and having a look at what I´m doing.

    So today, I´m gonna start posting!

    Name:  Kleine Geisha Farb- und Lichtstudie klein.jpg
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    This is something I really wish someone could give me advice. It is my very first try to do something digitaly, so I got Artweaver and started. It did not turn out the way I wanted it to. I did not get along with anything...
    (The photo is taken from link.)

    Name:  Vögel der Welt Kollektion.jpg
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    These are some birds I did a while ago. As all the other pieces in this posting, this is done in penicl only. I love birds.

    Name:  Stoffstudie klein.jpg
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    Name:  Sarah - Lichtstudie_50% und lowkleiner.jpg
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    Two human studys drawn with foto reference. I could definitly improve my anatomy skills...

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