So I was thinking about this movie I saw years ago. It was a short film....maybe black and white. I saw it on the independent film channel in the neighborhood of 8 years ago. A friend had told me about it previous to that so it's probably in the range of being ten years old or so. It was about a scientist that had made a machine that allowed you to hear an animal's thoughts. They had a monkey hooked up to it. It was sort of a trial by peers situation where they were reviewing the use/ethics of the machine. When they turned it on the monkey's thoughts were turned into an English speaking voice. Mostly running babble. I think at one point they gave it a banana to show the other scientists its joy over getting fed. For some reason they terminate the monkey and as it slowly dies its thoughts question Why....why master..why friend...stuff like that. I have no idea what the title was. I've tried a few searches, but I'm not having much luck. I figured this is a diverse crowd that might have come across this. It's driving me crazy trying to find it. Please help me CA!