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    Col-erase pencils question.

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase some col-erase pencils, I read that there light blue acts as a Non-photo blue but they also sell another non photo blue, so I'm wondering is there actually a different?

    Just before I start buying

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ummm what do you want to use it for? I'd stick to the "non-photo" if you really are planning to draft for... non-photo.
    If you're doing animation, use the Indigo or Blue or Indigo-Blue if you find some.
    Additionally, always buy your pencils by the box (to avoid broken leads thus throwing your money in the bin).

    Edit: Btw, since they're exactly the same price and today's technology's (provided you don't work old school), it's really your preference... and for your eyes' sake too.
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    Well, back in the day this non-photo blue stuff actually mattered. Nowadays if you're scanning your cleaned up animation or storyboards or something it really doesn't matter that much because even if you don't have access to Photoshop, the basic scanning software that comes with your scanner can probably get rid of any rough colour lines easily enough.

    Personally, I prefer a red col-erase. It's super easy to remove the red colour rough by messing with the red channel in Photoshop.
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    Col-erase pencils question.

    Col-erase pencils question.

    With the sliders in the black & white adjustment layer you can probably make quite a wide range of pencil color choices go away.

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