Sketchbook: So-naa: Fighting spirit! ( Update: 12/14/09)
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    So-naa: Fighting spirit! ( Update: 12/14/09)

    My first sketchbook. Starting with more recent things. May throw old things in too? I'm still going to school and working on art all the time. I still lack the fine skill of being able to relax more with painting. I mostly work on digital media but have done fine art. Oils and charcoal are my favorite mediums.
    Also I'm a wimp, but I really do want to improve. My spirit animal is the tenacious snail.

    Note: My early penname was "Coma" ( so those pieces are quite old usually).

    Below is a picture of Donia I painted using a photo reference of her face( study of her face using observation) . The coloring is different because I didn't direct sample from the picture >.< So It's not perfect or anything..

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