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Thread: Creative block

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    Creative block

    Hi, I now I'm not a good digital artist. But I've always liked to draw.
    Now final school months are starting and I can't keep studying on art because of lack of free time.
    However I can't study, I still have time do draw some sketches. So I tried to draw some cartoons and I just haven't any inspiration left. In the past I draw at least 1 - 3 cartoons a hour so I find this really frustrating.

    Do you guys ever have a "creative block" ? And if yes, how do you handle it? I've read an article in IFX about having a creative block but that was more digitally based and I didn't really liked the way they explained it.


    PS: Sorry for my poor English, I know there are some mistakes in this text but I didn't know how to formulated them.

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    Personally, when i hit a dry spell, i tend to just sit it out until the mood for drawing comes back. One thing you could do to rekindle the passion is to try something you haven't tried before. It can be either a subject or a technique or a medium, whatever you may tickle your fancy. Experiment, experience some new things. Also, one reason behind creative blockage may be a frustration over not being able to draw what you have in your head. In which case it's helpful to study reference, but since this is CA i probably shouldn't need to tell you that.

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    There are 6 types of creativity blockage,

    1- Your lazy ego prevent you from drawing practice! (9 out of 10)
    2- You can't draw well and frustrated in drawing practice!
    3- You suffer from brain degeneration at right-parietal cortex!
    4- You currently have a bad mood, almost anger or depression!
    5- Your going to lost your balls and loss your sexual/creative force!
    6- You lost your pipe or shaman number!
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    Blockage get's blasted to shards every time I bring music to mind.

    Think of a theme add the music that will fit it and the stuff starts flowing again. Being over practical or unexpressive is what cause this or a long day at work. Do a happy dance, be dramatic, be funny, tell a joke and it's back.

    My art just spoke to me, sometime's it's a mood thing, your life energy get's bored..
    What broke it for me was to draw the characters in the same mood as I.

    It helps getting the imagination to dance about first... Imagine a mime sitting next to you copying your mood and posture.
    See stuff and get carried away.

    Now I just need to figure out how to do THAT with environments,... Maybe to imagine you are a bird, mosquito, and roach whatever maneuvering a terrain moving about with a roach sized view finder.

    Sometimes when you look at a blank page you blank, You need to have stuff dance either experimenting with what's on the page or in imagination. I can't look at a page and imagine at the same time but then what I noticed is that you need to feel what you imagined, that's where the whole rhythm, gesture and stuff comes in, to try and communicate those feelings.
    Some folk will say they are really crappy at visualizing, that is just a lie, they can't read without being able to. If you read this:

    Bare feet, I decide to go out in the cold morning to fetch the paper, the dew drops have covered the whole lawn with a layer of crystal, Outside, I look down and wiggle my toes,... I like my toes even though I have always been made fun of... after you admire your toes a little you make way back into the house, looking out the door as you close it you notice how your tracks have made streaks in the dew."

    Now that was pretty cinematic inside your dome, it's just that you never notice it. Now if you can do that you can imagine women in the living room all naked playing with each other and your art equipment decorating each other.. You can call them your muse's. I think Rembrand's muses where actual fictional characters that he painted that he imagined or fancied to be around him looking at his work etc,... That man spent lot's of time alone.

    Now staring at a blank page and reading, where do you bridge the gap? Stuff needs to be there first. It takes a warm up to reach a state where you have something in mind. Drawing life on the page can only be done with feeling, your strokes communicate that life force's existence and expression and purpose as you draw it.

    Why block is a block is because the mind is not in such a playful state and your personal mood is dominant. You need your mood to be flexible in order to draw what you feel or want to express. You are borrowing some of your feeling to the character.

    Still, landscapes….

    I’d like to hear how people here do them or spark some, landscapes don’t have character or expression like creatures does or none that I have noticed in that way.

    I tried to think of ways in my coffee break just now, the best I could find is to do scene changes on some setting, above, below, to the side, like movie camera angle’s. But try that for a vast landscape?
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