Me and my partner entered into a skills competition for 2D character animation (high school level). 2 weeks ago, We went to the regional competition (my region is Peel, it's near Toronto). The top three animation teams from our region went onto the provincial qualifiers which happened on last Saturday. Once again, we won first, even though we believe that we didn't even deserve 3rd place. Now the top three winners move onto the provincial level, and going to compete in Waterloo.

For each animation, we didn't get much time at all. only 1 hour for storyboarding and character design(only on paper), and 3.5 hours for the drawing and animation. Also, we only get one computer for both me and my partner. So what I am saying, it looks like complete crap. The topic was "Go green" and it has to take place in a school-like setting.

This what got us 1st place at the qualifiers:
As you can see, we took "Go Green" metaphorically, and literally. The flash just gets worse and worse. Near the end, we had to rush so much that we had to complete whole cuts in 10 minutes. We only drawn 2 backgrounds, and 2 unique characters. The third character was a quick 5 minute recycle of the first character. We didn't have enough time to make the movements look right, they just had to move and nothing else matter.

This is more something for you to laugh at, and how easy it is to win. Remember, we are only highschool students.

This is the 2nd place winner:
I personally don't know why they didn't get first. I guess we won due to better storyboards, or how we interpret the topic "go green".